Monday, January 21, 2008


The government yesterday announced that Thaipusam is declared a public holiday for Kuala Lumpur and Putra Jaya, in their way to please the demands of the Malaysian Indian community. Less they realise that every thaipusam the roads and shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur are congested with people and cars making the life of the resident and workers in Kuala Lumpur a misery. Do you think the Indians are worried about this. Is this an offer to show they (BN government) care.

The Indians want the government to introduce a concerted programmes to uplift their community from the marginalising by the BN government for the last 50 years since Independence. What is expected is in the field of education, commerce and economics. If the government were to implement programmes on these fields, then the Indians would be able to uplift to a reasonable good level in our society. Will the BN government embark on these areas before the coming polls? Its all up to the BN government whether they value the contribution of the Indians who had always voted for the ruling government whole-heartedly.

Another matter of importance is the question of the 5 Hindraf innocent leaders held under ISA. The excuse offered by DPM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is really impossible to digest. Why should the Malays feel threaten when the NEP provides for their protection. When many sensitive issues were raised by UMNO leaders and when the rakyat had protested against them, none of these leaders were arrested and placed under ISA. Why this double stand. The Laws of Malaysia are to be respected by everyone irrespective of their ethnic background or political affiliation.

Malaysians are basically peaceful people and do not like street protest. The BN government had ignored every known channel and now trying to blame them. These leaders had given ample opportunity to the government to address the situation but the BN government felt that they being weak, they never expect that many Indians although with the ban, would turn up. Now the issue has become an international issue. Why no action was taken before this could have exploded. The BN government must have been SLEEPING and had always relied on MIC, which claims to be 'Indian champions' which is only interested in looking after the close buddies of the MIC leaders. MIC had failed in caring for their own community and it is too late to do anything.

Just bring 15,000 MIC members yesterday to show support is just to hoodwink the rakyat. The rakyat knows that various 'goodies' would have been offered to these people who attended yesterday event with the PM. The rakyat, especially the Indians could not be hoodwink anymore. The momentum has already begun by Hindraf and the Indian community expect their rights to be given as an equal partner in Malaysia and they are not going to give in to these small gimmicks.

Various events are planned in Malaysia and abroad and if the government does not address the Indian plight and release these innocent 5 Hindraf leaders, Malaysia is going to be embarrassed in the International world and it may affect certain services which will indirectly affect Malaysian daily lives.

Its all up to the BN government, whether they still want to remain in power. The majority Chinese are also discontented with the government but have yet to express and the coming polls will indicate their stand while majority Malays are still in poverty even after the NEP is suppose to have uplifted their lives. It seems only UMNO leaders are benefiting from them and not the grassroot or non-UMNO Malay members.

The rakyat need to show them by VOTING AGAINST the BN and only then will they in future be caring, effective, efficient and be corrupt-free.

Its NOW up to the rakyat to show their stand!!!!!