Friday, January 25, 2008


A Malaysian carrying a kavadi

one of the kavadi takers

Malaysian Indian having a peaceful protest at temple site

A section of the devotees at the temple

Another kavadi taker

The paal kudam (milk pot) takers going round the temple grounds

A section of the paal kudam takers

Another kavadi taker

Thaipusam was grandly and joyfully celebrated by Hindus at the Lord Sri Murugan Temple at Eastham in London on Wednesday 23rd January, 2008. Malaysians residing at United Kingdom, as far as from Newcastle, Aberdeen, Cardiff, Portsmouth, Chelmsford and London were seen around observing this fest.

British and Muslim onlookers were seen looking at the kavadi and paal kudam (milk pot) procession inside the temple premises and were astonished by the way this festival was celebrated by the Hindus.

It has been an annual affair and tradition that the grand ‘kavadi’ is always undertaken by Malaysians at this temple and as usual the devotees were delighted to see them once again.

But, to the surprise of many devotees, were the presence of Malaysian Indians carrying out a peaceful protest against the discrimination of the Indians in Malaysia and a signature campaign from Malaysians who were around was carried out which according to sources, will be presented together with the Petition to the British Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Gordon Brown on 1st February 2008, when a large scale peaceful demonstration is scheduled to be held at 10 Downing Street London.