Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It is really surprising to learn that 'learned friends' like Datuk V K Lingam have the cheek to use evasive words, which they know will undermined the testimonies given by any hearing, to help and support 'criminals' like himself, Tun Ahmad Fairuz, Tun Eusoff Chin, Tengku Adnan, Tan Sri Vincent Tan, Tun Dr Mahathir and others in the Lingam Video Tape Scandal from escaping prosecution.

The claim that 'it looks like me, it sounds like me' and when I am drunk ' I do not know what I am talking' demonstrates that this particular person is now claiming to be "MAD' which now could be labelled on him rather than his brother, whom he had made a doctor to produce medical reports to prove his point. Malaysians and the people of the world can now brand V K Lingam a 'mad person' and this Lingam should be placed in a mental asylum for the rest of his life, to teach him a lesson, while there he will eventually will be 'mad' as he claims to be.

Lingam knows that many injustice have been made by him by obtaining 'help' from these top judicial officers in cases brought by him to court and if the Royal Inquiry were to find him at fault, these cases may have to be reviewed since injustice had been done and the officials will also be charged for not upholding justice.

Another factor is the 'fixing of judges'. It seems that our former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir had not followed the proper procedure to select responsible and suitable candidates for judicial appointments but had promoted 'crooks' on the advice of his close buddies to these appointments. This tarnish Tun Dr Mahathir's reputation since he claims to be the longest serving Prime Minister and had also claim to have brought great progress to our country. It is a disgrace that being a educated man, he had not used proper known and tested methods to make these appointments.

It seems very clear to the rakyat that the judiciary is not independent and many cases where decision were made had been tampered with which is injustice made to the rakyat. These judicial officers had been 'bought' to make decisions. Will the 'floodgates' of tampered decisions be made by the government to establish the truth and punish the criminals involved.

It looks like this Barisan Nasional government will be unable to protect the rakyat and only if they are VOTED OUT will confidence be restored to the rakyat. There are many other areas that corrupt and manipulation have been created and the rakyat bearing the burden. The Barisan Nasional government which is uncaring, ineffective, inefficient and corrupted party will have to be replaced if we want to protect further misuses of power.

It is hoped that justice will prevail and those who have created 'injustice' in the Lingam Video Tape scandal are brought to justice and punished for their actions.

photo courtesy of theStar online