Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Almost everyday now we hear that our 'SLEEPING' Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pah Lah) is expected to dissolve Parliament and the 12th General Elections to be held between 8 to the 15 March 2008. Suddenly now he (Pah Lah) realises that the rakyat is totally very unhappy with his administration and seem to be 'begging' to be given another chance.
The rakyat had total confidence when Pah Lah took over from former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad, since he had portrayed a 'clean' image and the rakyat had expected that he would turn the country from its unclean and corrupt state. But now the rakyat realise that it was a total failure to have trusted this 'sleeping and irresponsible' man by giving an historical and stunning overwhelming victory during the last 2004 general elections.
It had been reported that Pah Lah had remarked 'there were high expectations, a lot of things to change, but I cannot change everything and there was an expectation,' and Pah Lah admits the acknowledgement of feelings that he has failed to fulfil some of his core promises.
The Malays in the rural areas still are in poverty although the New Economic Policy (NEP) gives them preferential status. Just take a look at Sabah. The BN government rules that state and yet the most recorded state of poverty is there.
Then the Indian population. Even after numerous warning, nothing moved until Hindraf had its peaceful street protest. Even then, until today nothing concrete has been planned or implemented except declaring Thaipsum a holiday.
The Chinese too are an unhappy lot. The Chinese will show during the ballot.
The Prime Minister was seen to have announced that poverty eradication of all races will be wiped out by his administration if the rakyat give their confidence once again. Being at an Indian gathering, Pah Lah never said that Indians plight would be foremost agenda to tackle. But if it were an UMNO or Malay gathering, Pah Lah would have stated that he would address the Malay problem. Just look at this double standard practiced by our leaders. We are all Malaysians and we need to ensure every race is well taken care. Taking an example, during the last UMNO Delegates Conference, UMNO division heads were given momentary awards in the form of benefits to support him. Why then did Pah Lah not offer these sort of direct benefits to the Indians at the recent Indian gathering. Petroleum prices are now at historical levels and since Petronas is unaccountable to the rakyat, Pah Lah could have given them without any questions been raised. Why was this not done. Just because they were Indians and third or fourth class citizens and are not entitled to these benefits and who cares about these 'stupid' Indians.
Can we trust Pah Lah and his Barisan Nasional government anymore?
This question only the rakyat can answer by showing who they want to have in the coming polls.
Malaysians need to realise that CHANGE can only happen if we change the BN government totally. The uncaring, ineffective, inefficient and corrupt nature will always be there with the BN. If we have a new party, then we can see tremendous change and since they want to show their promise, various changes will occur for the benefit of the rakyat on the whole.
Pah Lah can keep singing his song but NO ONE WILL LISTEN unless he formulates a policy to eradicate unfairness among the communities and concentrate on uplifting the status of the rakyat on the whole. Pah Lah would have to stop 'sleeping' and take control of the chair and not allow any one like the oxford scholar to dictate terms.
Fresh faces who are clean, responsible and those who think of all races be allowed to contest in the coming polls. Those who have failed or have created dis sentiments among the rakyat should be sidelined.
Until and unless these things are in place, the general elections could be called and the BN will regain its victory. Just worrying about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's comeback into politics should not be a subject matter. If the BN government have delivered their promises, then why worry.
It is going to be fatal for the BN if they expect the people to give them another CHANCE. The rakyat will never forget, PROMISES made that were broken.
It may be too late to cry over split milk but if a concerted effort and momentum is started now to fulfill all the election pledges, the scenario would be different.
Only time will tell.
photo courtesy of agendadaily