Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Insiders reveal that the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), one of the 'big brothers' in the ruling coalition of the Barisan Nasional (BN) is on its way to cracking-up in the wave of the Malaysian Indians being neglected and marginalised, for which it had always claimed to be 'the champion of the Indian race' but had done nothing concrete to see the future of the Indian community in Malaysia.

Power struggle is grooming and soon it will submerge. It would not be long that its current President, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu who had led the party for almost 30 years, will be demanded to ungracefully resign or be topple by his own selected members in the leadership.

The MIC is now in a fragile situation since many Malaysian Indians who are basically MIC grassroot members have demanded the resignation of Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu immediately. These people feel that after three decades of being the sole Indian cabinet minister in the government, he had done nothing except to help some close-buddies and his family, and at this critical moment, what could he accomplish since he had mislead and told lies about the problems faced by the Indian community in Malaysia. The only accomplishment that the MIC had done is to create a Indian gangsterism culture who are called in the BN circle and authorities as 'Indian Commandos' and their function is to threaten and beat-up any person who objects to the ideas or proposal put forward by the MIC leadership. It was made known that the Malaysian Police force had used the services of these 'Indian Commandos' to create unrest while the demolition of temples were carried out nationwide.

During his recent visit to India, the shame Samy Vellu had received speaks for itself.

There are rumours that a certain top leader is currently mounting pressure on Samy Vellu to give way for the MIC to regain its popularity. But many observers claim that this leader, who was selected by Samy Vellu is not capable and effective in doing anything solid that could settle the present crisis since he is deem really weak.

Due to this current events, the MIC is in turmoil and other aspiring leaders are trying to garner greater support so that they could lead the MIC with the departure of Samy Vellu which is expected any time now.

These matters will haunt the MIC since various events have been planned locally and international by a certain Indian group which the BN government claims to be an illegal group to express the plights of the Indian community. These will keep the government with mounting pressure while in the international circle, the good name and reputation seem to be in a bad state. These will affect various dealings and create a problem for Malaysia. These effects are currently not felt directly since fuel prices are soaring but eventually Malaysians will feel the effect.

Time for the government to directly involve themselves to implement a reasonable acceptable policy to uplift the Indian community immediately failing which the current state will go beyond their control and will be really detriment to the BN ruling government with the coming polls.