Saturday, March 01, 2008


The Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) had placed an advertisement warning Malaysian Indians of the consequences if they were to vote the Opposition into power.

It seems that the MIC together with the Barisan Nasional are desperate to regain the indian votes and have felt that by giving this sort of 'warning signs' the Indian population will vote for them with fear of a reprimand.

MIC and Barisan Nasional leadership need to realise that the Indians have been very patient for the past 50 years even after many empty promises unfulfilled and feel that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and this would be their golden opportunity to show the Barisan Nasional leadership that they do not care for them and when the results are known on March 8, 2008, the BN will regret for not considering their plight.

It is speculated that Indians would in big numbers vote for the Opposition until and unless the BN addresses their plight with a concrete and acceptable plan before polling day.

The Indians feelings are clearly expressed by viewing this video clip:

Does their feelings and sentiments TALK FOR ITSELF.