Thursday, March 11, 2010


This is a true story regarding our Minister of Tourism Dato Sri Ng Yen Yen (NYY).

The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia have a budget for “Media Campaign” to promote Malaysia on tourism. This budget is called in the Ministry as Media Global Fund. The previous Minister of Tourism Dato Azalina which set up a company that was given a contract to handle the Minister of Tourism's advertising for her own benefit. The same tactic is now use by NYY. She joint venture with one company called Sen Media Sdn. Bhd. and instruct other media to join this company to get contract.

The Managing Director of this company is Ruzi bin Ahmad who is also NYY’s son good friend. NYY’s son met media owners like BBC, STARTV, CNBC, ESPN, National Geographic, Phoenix HK, and Discovery Channel to negotiate and asked for 30% commission. The total budget for this campaign is RM 33 Million, and NYY’s son seeks a total commission around RM 10 Million from them.

Dato Mirza can confirm with this dealing, as the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia suppose to meet on 3rd April to start the media campaign and conclude by end of April, but NYY need to push this deal fast. NYY pressured Dato Mirza to carry forward the meeting to 9th March and starts the program by 15th March.

Due to the current situation, especially in MCA’s situation, NYY need to use the money for personal gain during the MCA’s current turmoil. For readers’ pondering, why should NYY need to move forward the campaign to 15th March 2010 and instruct her office to award the contract urgently so hasty? Why not evaluate other companies and follow the process?

Ruzi the Managing Director from Sen Media Sdn. Bhd. has made the first payment to NYY with a sum of RM 2 Million thru NYY’s son, which the money was received in Mont Kiara coffee shop. Authorities (MACC) can check with the media owner in Singapore who they paid the money to, and MACC are able to trace the money from Malaysia local company and their dealing partners in Singapore. This information is genuine as Dato Mirza has full knowledge on this, also because Ruzi have warned Dato Mirza to follow his every instruction. If Dato Mirza fails to comply with Ruzi’s order, Ruzi will punish Dato Mirza as he is a very good friend and partner of NYY’s son to the extent of sending him to jail.

With the information gathered by various brave individuals, it clearly show that NYY already misused her power in the ministry by giving contract to her son’s company and taken bribe sum of RM 2 Million. We can only hope the MACC is able to check on this matter and start eradicating corrupted leaders of our MALAYSIA.

news courtesy of Malaysia New Kid On Blog

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ellizie said...

I am shocked to learn that the methods used by the former Minister of Tourism are being adopted lock, stock and barrel by her successor, Dr. Ng Yen Yen to extract corrupt money using probably the same connections albeit under different identities. The author of this piece should find out about this Ruzi bin Ahmad and his company Sen Media Sdn. Bhd. In particular if there is any link to some of the directors( especially Mr. Zulhisham Ayob and his new wife) of Perunding Pakar Media which has been barred from doing business with Tourism Development Corporation after the Dato Mirza corruption case. Directors of Perunding Pakar Media are suing each other in the courts.

As the article says, Ruzi is a close friend of Encik Zulhisham and Azalina Othman Said. Is the notorious briber Ruzi, who had bribed before, the front man for these two personalities? Are Encik Zulhisham and his current wife beneficial owners of Sen Media Sdn Berhad? Is Ruzi now bribing Ng Yen Yen's son who could be collecting money on his mother's behalf. Ng Yen Yen needs money for the up coming MCA party elections and is therefore using Sen Media to create funds for her campaign? If this is the case, why is the MACC not going after the incumbent Minister of Tourism or Azalina (and Zulhisham). In stead they are appealing against Dato' Mirza's acquittal in the hope of obtaining conviction. Ruzi is using this as a threat against Dato Mirza.

It is time that this shady character and his cohorts are put to pasture. Only a thorough investigation by MACC can put the fear of God in them.