Friday, March 19, 2010

Crisis brewing in Makkal Sakti's breakaway faction

Just as the six-month-old Malaysia Makkal Sakti Party is trying to recover from its recent political crisis which resulted in two factions, another power tussle is set to rear its ugly head again.

This time the political crisis is expected to hit MMSP's Team B formed by the breakaway group of 14 (G-14) central committee (CC) members.

The issue which is set to divide this breakaway group is whether they should continue to rally behind Barisan Nasional or opt to support Pakatan Rakyat.

Outspoken CC member S Sanjeeviramah @ Sanjay (photo) is expected to table a pro-Pakatan motion during the faction's CC meeting at MMSP’s Shah Alam head office this Sunday.

It is learnt that Sanjay has the CC's majority support to back his motion.

However, sources warned that Sanjay’s motion could trigger a heated argument between him and acting president A Vathemurthy, who is pro-Umno and BN. It could result in a power tussle between Vethamurthy and Sanjay.

“Sanjay could overthrow Vethamurthy and helm the party,” predicted a source. Sanjay was once a staunch Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) activist.

However, his reputation suffered a blow when he joined the breakaway Hindraf group led by then the movement national coordinator RS Thanenthiran to form MMSP last October.

BN chairperson and Umno president Najib Tun Razak launched the party, which was touted as the future political vehicle for the much maligned Malaysian Indian community.

Late last year, a power struggle engulfed the party, in which MMSP split in two – one faction helmed by Thanenthiran and the other led by the G14.

Sanjay was a major player in the power struggle and instrumental in ‘booting out’ Thanenthiran as MMSP president during G14 CC meeting on Jan 17 this year.

Initially the G-14 thought that Najib would back them. However, in recent weeks the G-14 sensed that Najib had turned his back on the faction and was coveting Thanenthiran as the rightful MMSP president. Now Sanjay wants the faction to support Pakatan.

New president for the breakaway group

It’s learnt that Sanjay had prepared to ‘overthrow’ Vethamurthy and helm the faction if the current Ipoh-based acting president rejected the pro-Pakatan motion.

“Sanjay has the CC numbers to support him,” said an insider, who declined to be named.

MMSP’s G-14 claimed that the faction had the support of 54,000 party members and Sanjay is said to be backed by majority members.

It is learnt during a CC meeting in early February, a decision was made to exclude Vethamurthy for the top post and a new permanent acting president would be appointed at this Sunday’s meeting.

The appointment will then have to be endorsed by MMSP members during an EGM, which shall be called within 90 days.

Sanjay is learnt had planned to seize the opportunity to position him for the presidency.

Sources said Sanjay would win the confidence of majority members in an extra ordinary meeting (EGM).

“If Sanjay becomes the president, the G-14 will surely support Pakatan,” said the party insider.

The meeting is also expected to sack another 12 CC members, who are pro-Thanenthiran. It’s learnt that the 12 CC members failed to attend the faction’s three meetings in a row.

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