Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A 'cry baby' goes to school (MCA's Wee Ka Siong & philanthropist Robert Phang)

It appears that Deputy Education Minister Wee Ka Siong has got himself in trouble again with philanthropist Robert Phang.

The MCA Youth chief had allegedly used his position to get a primary school headmaster to tell him (Wee) about the whereabouts of Phang and his family.

And this has got Phang so mad that he has lodged a police report against Wee.

"There is no reason for him to do a secret enquiry about me and members of my family, when he can always contact me directly," Phang said in his report, lodged at the Jalan Tun Razak police station here in January.

Details of the report, lodged at midnight on Jan 23, were revealed in the website.

The alleged incident occurred a week earlier at the the school in Jalan Davidson, where Phang's son is studying.

Wee asked about a 'secret hideout'

Phang alleged that Wee had gone to the school to ask headmaster Pan Chung Ling about his (Phang's) and his family's movements.

"He asked where my family is staying and also asked where my secret hideout in the city was," alleged Phang.

"This type of inquiry is mala fide intrusion.

wee-ka-siong-robert-phang-sjkc-davidsonIf anything haappens to me and members of my family, I will totally hold him as the first suspect," added Phang.

"This type of act he is posing and causing looks like an intrusion of my privacy," he said, accusing Wee of abusing his power as a deputy Education minister by contacting and asking the headmaster about his (Phang's) movements.

Phang , who is a panel advisor of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) stressed that he was making the police report because it had caused fear in him and his family.

He appealed to the authorities concerned to investigate Wee and his intention.

"My family and I need protection for our safety," he added.

'Why does he need the info?'

Commenting on the matter, the anti-Wee blogger described the MCA Youth leader as a 'cry baby.'

"School bullies threaten to beat up those weaker then them. A cry baby bullies by threatening parents through school headmasters," he said.

"When he cannot tahan MACC commissioner Phang, he called the headmaster of the school where Phang's son is studying," adding that not everyone has a secret hideout like Wee.

The blogger said it did not make sense for Wee to ask about the movements of Phang and his family.

On a more sarcastic note the blogger asked Wee: "For what do you need the info? To plan for the construction of more Chinese schools? Or to make Malaysian students score better grades in Science and Maths?"

"Why must you call the headmaster direct? Education ministy officials cannot do their background check, is it? Must show your power, is it? Want to scare people, is it?"— Malaysian Mirror

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