Sunday, March 14, 2010


There is a growing demand for Members of Parliament from PKR who have left, to vacate their respective seats to pave the way for a fresh by-elections.

Bayan Baru constituents have already started collecting voters and residents signatures demanding their elected representative Mohd Zahrain Hashim who had betrayed them to RESIGN, while paving the way for a fresh by-election to elect a new MP of their choice.

It is further revealed that the others from PKR who have left to be so-called Independent but BN-friendly will also face the same fate.

MPs and State Assemblypersons need to realise that voters have elected them to represent them according to the political platform they represent.

The Malaysian rakyat is currently quite adamant that the Barisan Nasional which is 'controlled' by UMNO need to be 'axed' in order for Malaysia to progress and the welfare of every citizen is looked at. UMNO has always been playing the racial-card with the Malays, instilling fears that the non-Malays, the Chinese, Indians and the others will suppress them when clearly the Federal Constitution give protection to them while their non-Malay brothers and sisters have always be accommodative to their plight.

The major problem is not the Malays but it is UMNOputras and their cronies that are benefiting from this co-called 'Special Rights' and 'robbing' the contracts and favours.

The BN requires a 2/3 majority in Parliament to make changes and it is learnt that the Electoral Boundaries are about to be changed and amended to ensure the continued victory for BN in the next elections and this will require the 2/3 majority in Parliament sometime next year.

The rakyat need to realise that these defectors are induced by monetary gains which is either financed by 'special lottery draws' or by offering big contracts to those who assist in their quest to gain this 2/3 majority. The losers are the rakyat itself.

Malaysians are CHANGING and if this continues, we can see a clean and trustworthy government in time to come while making their elected representatives to fulfill their obligations which they have undertaken and promise to carry out.

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