Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Drawing special money for "defection fund"?

Wow. It is truly amazing how we often focus on specks of dirt whilst the termites are hard at work to bring the whole structure crumbling down.

Has anyone noticed the number of special draws for Damacai, Magnum and Sports Toto? Last year (2009), there were 53 special draws (Damacai had 20, Magnum had 19 and Sports Toto had 14) over and above the annual lottery draws of about 468 (simple maths: 3 operators x 3 weekly draws x 52 weeks) from these 3 lottery operators.

Why so many special draws? Already todate, there have been 15 special draws. What is going on?

Do I sense some form of desperation to accumulate money. This is "haram" money that the government collects as taxes from these lottery operators, apart from the other other "haram" activities.

My concern is this. I hope that such money is not used to touch the lives of Muslims in this country by way of funding certain buildings, health, food, education, etc.. It would be rather sinful right?

However, if the money is used to fund defections, then it is another story.

A frog who "lompats" is breaching the trust of the rakyat. As such, his/her actions are "haram" at the outset. The rakyat did not vote for the frog. They voted for the party. If they had stood as independent candidates, they would not have stood a ghost of a chance to win.

They would have, in all probability, lost their deposits. They are nowhere near people like the reverred Tuan Guru Nik Aziz or Lee Lam Thye (I'm sure there are a few others) who would win "hands down" even if they stood as independents.

I would recommend those Muslims who "lompat" to sign up for an IT (Insaf & Taubat) program under the spiritual hands of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz. That would be better for then as the curses of the cheated rakyat would certainly have a negative effect on them and their families, sooner or later, in the here or the hereafter or both.

I am also wondering where those self-appointed protectors of my morals and religion have gone.

Perhaps they are searching for the little specks to keep themselves busy to justify their existence.

Allah help us all.

courtesy of FreeMalaysiaToday

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