Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ex-PKR MP will not be cowed by divine threat

Bagan Serai MP Mohsin Fadzli Samsuri who recently quit PKR said he would not return to PKR despite some annoyed party members bent on performing "solat hajat" (prayers for a wish) for divine retribution. "I'm sorry, I will not change my mind. The rice has not become watery, but (worse still) it is burnt and black," he said metaphorically when asked by reporters at the parliament lobby today whether a "solat hajat" could bring him back to PKR.

PAS Ulama Syura (Consultative) Council member Ahmad Awang was reported to have given Mohsin seven days for him to vacate his seat or a "solat hajat" would be performed for him to receive divine punishment for betraying the party's struggle.

Is it not 'haram' to do so?

The "solat hajat" threat against him entered its fourth day today.

Mohsin said disappointment with him for leaving the PKR-PAS-DAP pact could be among the factors that drove Ahmad to resort to a "solat hajat" for divine retribution against him.

"Feeling frustrated is part of human nature. But I have also heard the ulama saying that it is haram (forbidden) to pray for something bad to befall another person."

Mohsin said he quit PKR due to the top leadership's failure to solve the party's internal problems while he was also not accepted by his own party divisional leaders.

- Bernama

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