Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Five KRAs and 1MCA

A rebranded MCA will reach out to the needy, forge partnerships with community groups, reject the diseases of corruption, money politics and abuse of power; provide direct presidential elections and, above all, woo talented young people to help it get the votes.

This in essence is the manifesto of party president Ong Tee Keat who is seeking to extend his term right up to the next MCA triennial assembly next year.

Tee Keat , however, will have to first cross the hurdles posed by his challengers for the Number 1 post; former deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek and immediate past president Ong Ka Ting.

The extraordinary elections on March 28, a result of 22 central committee members quitting their seats, will provide for the winner to serve for just a year before the 2011 general assembly.

ong-1mcaTee Keat was elected president in October 2008, after Ka Ting resigned in the aftermath of the MCA's worst electoral showing in the March general elections of the same year.

In his bid to retain his pivotal position in the party, Tee Keat has come out with five key result areas for the MCA transformation plan.

The five KRAs

- Assisting the needy through a planned 1Malaysia Community Alliance (1MCA) Foundation

The plan is a leaf from the 1Malaysia concept being promoted by the Barisan Nasional, under Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, meant to directly reach out to the poor and needy.

Tee Keat said this could be achieved in the form of providing aid in education and training, housing and shelter, entrepreneurship, jobs and healthcare.

The idea is to transform them into progressive, self-reliant and gainfully employed Malaysians who are able to, in turn, give back to society.

- Engaging and championing the interest of community stakeholders via a proposed 1MCA NGO Consultative Council

Tee Keat admits that while the MCA does not have all the answers, it realises that if its members are sincere enough to reach out to those outside the 'comfort zone', the solutions to the many issues and problems that plague Malaysians are 'out there.'

"We need to expand our ad-hoc engagement with traditional guilds and associations by forging genuine partnerships with community stakeholders that have a pulse on real challenges and issues under the 1MCA NGO Consultative Council.

"We will focus on the hopes and concerns of all the people, regardless of race, religion or partisan politics.

"Together with our dialogue partners, we will set forth to find the solutions to issues on the economy, social harmony, education, mainstream politics as well as culture and arts," he said.

- Integrity, transparency and good governance

The party president said this third KRA is to ensure that MCA members observe the principles of integrity, transparency and good governance in the management of party assets, funds and activities

"We need to reject the diseases of corruption, money politics and abuse of power, which, like cancerous cells, will weaken and ultimately destroy us.

"The limited funds that we have must be prudently spent for the benefit of people who most need it. We need to stop the leaks, however small a trickle they may be," said Tee Keat, who is Transport Minister.

He added that the party will announce a series of initiatives, including the formation of independent team of observers, key performances indices and making such KPIs public.

"Fueled by my experience at the ministry, particularly in handling the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) debacle, whilstle-blowing initiatives will be explored for the party at all levels," he said.

- Direct presidential elections

Tee Keat said the MCA, with its Constitution and institutions, belong to the members and the community the party serves.

"The central committees, councils, leaders and the president derive authority from the delegates, members and the community.

"Our elected leaders’ duties are to administer the party as it came into our hands and to transmit them unimpaired to our successors.

"To further democratise our party, it is also our initiative to institute direct presidential elections by the end of the year," he said, adding that this would ensure a wider electoral base.

- Preparing for the 13th general elections and membership drive

Tee Keat describes this as the 'ultimate KRA' because it is the people who will be judging the party and giving it their votes.

"It is my hope that we not only engage them but also empower them with the determining voice of change and to be an active participant in that process," he said, adding that the party should not lose sight of young Malaysians.

"The young are the beacon of our Party and nation, and we hope to attract the best and brightest from among them into the MCA.

"Empowerment with knowledge and skills will invigorate our party with more competitive Malaysians and become a beacon of hope for our nation." — Malaysian Mirror

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