Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Govt's 'rubbish' ploy will backfire, says Zaid

Pakatan Rakyat troubleshooter Zaid Ibrahim is vexed that the government is using Parliament as a platform to attack Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim and the coalition he leads.

In an exclusive interview with FMT, the former law minister said that the time could be better spent on debating more important issues.

“It's most unfortunate that hours of airtime are devoted to people like (former PKR MP for Bayan Baru) Zahrain (Mohamed) Hashim and (Pasir Mas MP) Ibrahim Ali instead of debating real issues.

“This only shows that the government is not interested in serving the people,” he added.

The lawyer-turned-politician accused the government of harping on these trivial issues in order to create a smokescreen to conceal the bigger problems.

“The government is hiding the real problems. It doesn't want the people to know why the ISA (Internal Security Act) has not been repealed, why the GST (tabling of the Goods and Services Tax Bill) was postponed and what is the true state of the economy. So it uses rubbish as a diversion,” he said.

Using the same old tactics

In desperation, Zaid said the government resorts to using familiar strategies to quash the opposition, including ridiculing Anwar and attempting to “put him away”.

“This is how stupid the government is,” he said. “But let them continue believing it will work. Pakatan will get more support and we will win the next election. I am confident of that.”

Meanwhile, Zaid said he is not perturbed by Zahrain's statement that more PKR elected reps would quit the party in the future.

The PKR supreme council member encouraged those who are not interested in the party's struggle to resign rather than being a burden to the party.

courtesy of FMT

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