Friday, March 12, 2010

Ibrahim Ali laughs off link to Vincent Tan

Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali today laughed off allegations questioning his integrity as a Malay activist because of his links with Chinese tycoon Vincent Tan.

The allegations surfaced on the internet four days after he hit out at Chinese corporate figures, including Tan, whom he called 'taukes' and that have “dominated” the economy and thus causing “political instability” and “social chaos”.

Internet political pundits however are trying to call Ibrahim's bluff, by pointing out his links to one of Dunham-Bush Malaysia, a company once owned by Tan.

ibrahim ali on company book 120310On a posting by fugitive blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin on his website Malaysia-Today, a copy of the company's 2003 annual report was posted showing Ibrahim as one of its directors.

In a text message reply to questions posed by Malaysiakini, Ibrahim said there is nothing wrong in his business dealings with Tan because it does not dilute the fact that big Chinese businesses dominated the economy.

“There are other shareholders in Dunham Bush. It is an air conditioner company. So what? I was talking about macro economy and issues in a bigger picture. Even if I did business with lots of Chinese friends and have a Chinese partner. So what?”

“Is it wrong if I say Vincent Tan got a lot of benefits from government even if I'm his Group CEO. Ha ha,” read his text message.

NONE“I just want to prove, a lot of big company belonging to these groups who got monopoly business, subsidies and the rest. So don't say get rid with little brothers (protection for the Malays) and go ahead with brutal competition as said by Francis Yeoh.”

Durham-Bush Malaysia is the Malaysian subset of Durham-Bush, a refrigeration specialist which deals in air-conditioners, industrial cooling units and environmentally sustainable technologies.

However, the company has since been sold to Dutch company Agromash Holdings B.V. in 2006.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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