Monday, March 15, 2010

IGP quit row: China Press threatened with suspension, says Kit Siang

The editor-in-chief of China Press has been told to resign over a report which claimed that inspector-general of police Musa Hassan had tendered his resignation, veteran MP Lim Kit Siang claimed today.

Should the editor refuse, the popular Chinese daily would face three to six months' suspension.

pakatan walk out parliament 160310The DAP supremo said this at a conference in Parliament lobby this morning after leading a walkout from Dewan Rakyat by Pakatan Rakyat members of parliament.

The opposition MPs had walked out in protest against deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee, who had decided against allowing for a debate on a motion by the Home Ministry.

Hishammuddin denies claim

In an immediate response to Lim's allegation, Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein denied the editor in question had been told to resign.

Hishammuddin told a press conference in Parliament lobby that the ministry had only issued a show-cause letter to China Press which, in turn, has replied to the government.

"They (Pakatan MPs) will sensationalise and politicise any issue... It's not at all related to the motion that was brought today," he said.

"I took notice that not all the PR (Pakatan) MPs had joined in the walkout. Even they (sic) don't agree with it.

"As far as I know the editor has not been asked to resign," said Hishammuddin.

In 2006, China Press faced another possible suspension following its report over the nude-squat scandal when it mistakenly claimed the individual concerned was a Chinese national.

The scandal, sometimes referred to as Squatgate, had triggered a diplomatic tiff between Malaysia and China.

The powerful Internal Security Ministry was reportedly appeased only after two of China Press' top editors were axed over the matter.

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courtesy of Malaysiakini

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