Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Hope the Malaysian Immigration Department will enlighten us on this issue immediately. Its a 'disgrace' that Malaysians are treated like 'pariahs' at some Malaysian Embassies overseas.

Is it that difficult to renew Malaysian passports in Singapore?
I am surprised with this revelation because the Immigration Department in Malaysia has improved their services tremendously over the years.

Excerpts from a letter to Malaysia Today, "20 years on and no change whatsoever":


Is it not ironic that one of Malaysia's biggest embarrassments of this era is the Malaysian Embassy in Singapore. 20 years have passed. I have personally seen this and experienced it; and to date NOTHING has changed. Excuse me ... is this not the year 2010?

By Andrew Johnson
CEO & Managing Director

To what you may ask is my immediate frustration? I went to the embassy yesterday at 10am as I needed to renew my passport. 2 security guards were comfortably sitting in their office chatting away. Yes, after 10am our embassy security are paid to sit in their office and talk about football and the latest scores.

"What you want?" was the first thing they said to me. No good morning, how may I assist you, or even the slightest gesture of courtesy. My response was that I would like to renew my passport. Without a blink of an eye they both started laughing as if I was asking where in Malaysia Elvis was residing. "No more number," they said, "next time come earlier". They slid the glass panel shut and continued with their conversation. At this point I felt well, I'll just try again tomorrow.

This morning I was there at 7.30am ... again I approached the same security guards. They did not recognize me and again I asked them for a queue number to renew my passport. This time the laughing was a little more sarcastic and they both blatantly told me ..."Halo! Better you come at 4am and line up. Maybe when we give out numbers at 7.10am you can get a ticket. We only issue 150 tickets a day. You don't get ... not our problem ... we cannot do anything. Embassy rules".

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iicedGlass said...

It is really that bad? I am going to renew my passport later in the month and seeing your post here makes me ponder whether I should really go there at 4am in the morning! =(

Danny said...

This is crazy! I am going back to Malaysia to renew my passport. Hope I don't get the same experience.

Question - Do you know I can renew my passport even the password is still good for another 9 months?