Sunday, March 14, 2010

Jeffrey blasts the Feds

Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, PKR coordinator for East Malaysia, has put the blame squarely on the Federal Government for the lack of concern over security matters affecting Sabah and Sarawak.

"The main reason why the two states agreed to the formation of the Malaysian Federation was because of the communist threat due to the Domino theory as well as to threats coming from the then Indonesian Government under President Sukarno and the Philippines Government under President Macapagal," he said when addressing a forum on 'Saya Anak Bansa Malaysia' (SABM) at a leading hotel in Kuching yesterday.

History has recorded that Sukarno was against the formation of Malaysia labeling it as a new form of colonialism, while Macapagal had staked a claim on Sabah.

jeffrey-kitingan-2"As we from Sabah and Sarawak were fearful of the threats posed by Indonesia and the Philippines and believing that the new federation could protect us and provide the security, we agreed to join Malaya and Singapore to form the federation of Malaysia," he explained.

Illegals are security risks

"But now where is the security that has been promised? Thousands of illegal immigrants are coming to Sabah resulting in more foreigners in the state than Sabahans.

"No action is taken against these illegal immigrants; in fact they are being welcomed with Mykad and allowed to register as voters.

"With these cards, they can go anywhere in the country and some may be security risks," Jeffrey warned.

"One day, thousands of these illegal immigrants will occupy seats of the State government; control all the big businesses and labour and so on.

"What can we do, if they decide to hand over Sabah to the Philippines?" he asked, reminding the federal leaders that the Philippines has not dropped its claim on Sabah.

"Or what will happen if there is national strife? And security problems in Sabah are not Sabah's problems alone; it will be a Malaysian problem.

"These are our worries as the Federal Government has failed to look after the interests of Malaysians in Sabah," he added.

On the Malaysian Agreement, Kitingan called for the formation of a committee comprising West Malaysians, East Malaysians and the British to relook into the 20-point Agreement as some of the most important points in the agreement have not been honoured.

"There are trails of broken promises," he said, pointing out that there is no compliance mechanism to check the implementation of the agreement.

Status of those born of mixed marriages

Another panel speaker, Baru Bian spoke on "How the Federation has failed Sarawakians" especially with regard to the issuing of birth certificates and Mykads, citizenship, education, the recruitments into the civil and diplomatic services.

baru-bian-2"Thousands of natives in Lawas, Ba'kelalan, Lubok Antu and Kapit have not been given birth certificates and Mykads and as a result,they are non-citizens.

"These are big issues," he said, pointing out that the Federal Government has failed to address the problems.

On the status of natives arising from mixed marriages, Baru suggested that the law must be amended to ensure that if the father is a native and the mother is a non-native, their off-spring should be considered "native".

"If the current provision of Article 161A of the Federal Constitution is to be enforced strictly, then there will be no natives in Sarawak.

"We need to amend the law and make it very clear," he added.

Baru who Sarawak PKR chairman also expressed regret that in the 47 years of the formation of Malaysia, less than five Sarawakians have been appointed as ambassadors or high commissioners.

"Where is the spirit of the Federation and the promise of equal partnership and the special privileges accorded to the natives?" he asked.

Batu Lintang State Assemblyman Voon Lee Shan was also a panel speaker at the event..

courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

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