Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Karpal’s sedition investigation based on flawed transcript, court told

The investigating officer in the on-going sedition trial of Karpal Singh (picture) told the High Court here that his investigations were based on a flawed transcript of a press conference which he had obtained from RTM.

“I cannot say the transcript is accurate and totally correct.” said Assistant Superintendent Suhaimi Muhammad from the Dang Wangi District police headquarters while being questioned by Deputy Public Prosecutor Melissa Mohd Akhir.

Suhaimi earlier testified that the recording of the press conference by RTM was initially supposed to have been transcribed by the forensics department at the police college in Kuala Lumpur before he received instructions from his superiors to get the television station to make the transcript.

However, during his examination of the transcript from RTM he found that it was incomplete.

Besides spelling mistakes, there were words and questions from journalists which were not in the transcript so he asked RTM to make corrections.

He told the court that he could not say if the second transcript was better because each time he compared it to recordings, he continued to find flaws.

Despite this, Suhaimi said he obtained the green light from senior officers and the Attorney-General’s Chambers to use the transcript for trial.

“The transcript was examined by Assistant Superintendent Rizal and other senior officers and then brought to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.”

He testified that they were of the opinion that the transcript could be used.


courtesy of Malaysian Insider

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