Friday, March 19, 2010

Khairy, Mukhriz fashion war: Who'll win?

Politicians are not only gracing newspapers or political magazines but it would seem that they are slowly making their presence felt in, yes, you've guessed it - fashion magazines!

khairy jamaluddin kj interview 190310Indeed, it was a jolt to many when Umno Youth chief, the indefatigable Khairy Jamaluddin appeared on the front cover of classy fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar sometime at the end of last year.

While a smiling Khairy occupied the front of the magazine, its inside pages had the man extrapolating on politics, parenthood and the various challenges he is facing.

Not to be left out, Deputy International Trade and Industry Minister Mukhriz Mahathir appeared in this month's Klue magazine.

Sporting the super-smart corporate image, he was introduced in the article 'The Quiet Malaysian' which detailed his political experience and the mantle he carried being the son of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

harpers bazaar klue muhkriz khairy 190310Asked whether he now saw himself as a fashion trendsetter with his appearance on Harper's, Khairy (left), 34, an Oxford graduate, told Malaysiakini that he does not think much about fashion.

"I do not see myself as projecting an image of what youth should wear. I do not think much or plan what I want to wear. I am just like any normal person.

"Come on... I also have some gray strands in my beard," he laughed at an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini at his office in Bukit Damansara, Kuala Lumpur recently.

Asked as to his taste in fashion and whether he had a certain preference, the Umno Youth leader continued laughing and then asked in mock incredulity: "Hey, are you guys really from Malaysiakini?'

Khairy, who was then sporting a white long-sleeved shirt matched with a pastel blue tie and a toned grey coat, said that what he had donned for the interview was what he normally threw on before facing the tribulations of daily life.

Asked as to how many magazines that he has graced to date, Khairy, who is also the Rembau member of parliament, said he has not kept count.

Fashion war with Mukhriz?

Khairy, who leads 200,000 youth members in the party, then leaned over and stressed that he only wore comfortable and suitable clothing which would fit the occasion.

"I look at my schedule. If I have to attend to a function where I have to wear batik, I would do so.

"I always wear something which is comfortable and according to the occasion. There is no use of wearing something which is uncomfortable," he said.

harpers bazaar klue muhkriz khairy 190310Confronted as to whether he could be in a undeclared but grave fashion war with Mukhriz (right) whom he defeated in the last Umno elections, the Rembau MP denied any such rivalry.

Confidently adjusting his tie, he laughed:

"Please, let's go on to the next question. This is not politics. I think its (idea of fashion) is shallow," said the co-owner of The Emperor's New Clothes, a exclusive men's fashion boutique located at the chic Pavilion shopping mall in downturn KL.

Khairy defeated Mukhriz and former Selangor menteri besar Khir Toyo in a three-way contest for the Umno Youth presidency in March last year when he polled 304 votes to Mukhriz's 232 votes, and Khir's 254 votes.

During his interview, which will appear in Malaysiakini next week, Khairy spoke on a wide range of issues affecting Umno Youth, national politics and the state of the economy.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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