Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's ditch BN, urges former Sabah minister

Former Sabah Finance Minister Mohamad Noor Mansor is set to make a comeback to the state's political arena.

The ex-Berjaya party strongman has called on the state Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties – UPKO, PBS, PBRS and the LDP - to emulate the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) and ditch the ruling BN government, for the sake of the state and its people.

Speaking at the opening of SAPP Kg Pengalat Branch in Kawang, Papar yesterday, Mohd Noor stressed that this was crucial in view of the increasing hardship and threats faced by the people due to the vast number of illegal immigrants in the state.

“I can see that the rights and the wellbeing of Sabahans are being increasingly threatened by the illegal immigrants. I’m worried that our future generation will be marginalised by these people,” he said.

He added that the fact that Sabah remains the poorest state in Malaysia despite having rich natural resources speaks for itself.

He commended the SAPP for having the conscience and courage to leave the coalition when it realised that the BN-led federal government was not sincere about resolving the many perennial and pressing issues afflicting the state and its people.

Rights of the Sabah people

Mohd Noor noted that federal leaders always looked for means and ways to silence state leaders when they tried to speak for the people.

He claimed that this not only happened during his tenure as the sate finance minister but also presently. Mohd Noor was finance minister during the Berjaya government from 1976 to 1985.

He said the present state leaders were even more afraid to voice out problems facing the people for fear of losing their current positions and the attendant perks that come with them.

“This is about the rights of the Sabah people which are increasingly being eroded, and also about our dignity as Sabahans,” he said.

Also present at the occasion were former chief minister of Sabah cum SAPP president Yong Teck Lee, vice presidents Rashid Gador, Amde Sidik, Don Chin, information chief Chong Pit Fah, youth chief cum SAPP Kawang CLC chairman Edward Dagul, and three supreme council members Dullie Marie, Suaib Mutalib and Jaafar Ismail.

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Lucas said...

another example of 'perut sudah kenyang diam2, perut lapar balik baru bising'...

why spill the beans now?

Boten_Trish said...

huh? ya-ya sja bawa org kluar parti. Why now make noise and air all the dirty laundries? It should have been done a long time ago lah..aiyo..

Moist said...

Sabah is too wide, we can expect why this problems happens. in 6 years, many development in city area are completed so we hope another 2-3 years, CM can improves another area in Sabah. there are so many thing to be monitored so we cannot expect everything is settled in a year.

Syaz said...

U cannot blame the CM la Md Noor because the illegal issue is always come to us and it only can be reduced not stop. even the government are trying to stop the flux of illegal migrants, but the people (the agents) are helping them to get into this country. we cannot stop it until the agents stop doing the 'import' the PATI.

Aku said...

aiseh, it always the same thing if Pakatan hold this state. Cannot stop the PATI comes here. what we can do is to reduce the problems by making a good cooperation between the government state and the opponent parties. we need a solutions not more problems.

Miss Seri said...

what, did he means our CM has achieved nothing all these years? I think Sabah is better since he become the CM so I hope this is state continuously developing.