Sunday, March 07, 2010

MCA AGM Adopts 5 Resolutions

The 56th annual general meeting (AGM) of
the MCA which ended here today adopted five resolutions encompassing 16 matters
under the motions of politics, government affairs, education, socio-economy and

Among those that were passed unanimously was a call to the government to
increase the intake of non-bumiputeras into the civil service and also provide
more promotional opportunities in it for this group.

On politics, the assembly urged the government to fully implement changes
and bring about innovation to the structure and mechanism of the Barisan
Nasional's administration so that the concept of power sharing could be executed
more effectively.

The party also urged the government to recognise the United Examinations
Certificate (UEC) offered by private Chinese schools, besides providing
allocations to these schools so that more talented students could be produced
for the country.

The government was also urged to continue practising a liberal education
policy so that more vernacular schools could be established and included in the
national development programme.

On economic issues, MCA, which fully supported efforts by the government to
introduce a new economic model, also asked the government to give due
consideration when reviewing economic policies as to the plight of the people
who are burdened by issues like electricity and water tariffs and highway tolls.

The other resolutions included calls to the Education Ministry and the
National Civics Bureau to revise their courses based on historical facts and
absorp the 1Malaysia concept in their curricula.

The step would help cultivate true understanding of the nation's history
besides freeing students' thinking from only the aspect of race, its resolution

MCA also urged the government to review the imposition of physical
punishment on Muslim women and act in accordance to humanitarian principles by
adhering to the requirements of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms
of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Besides these, MCA reiterated its full support for the 1Malaysia "People
First, Performance Now" concept introduced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib
Tun Razak as an effort to achieve a system of meritocracy based on the needs of
the people in the administration of the country.

The party also voiced its full suport for the Government Transformation
Porgamme (GTP) under which the National Key Result Areas NKRAs) and National Key
Performance Indicators initiatives were introduced to impove the government's
delivery system.

courtesy of Malaysian Digest

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