Monday, March 22, 2010

MCA - The battle begins

The persuasive oratories of politicians going into battle have started, with the three presidency contenders making their stand clear on why they are gunning for the top post in the upcoming MCA polls.

Incumbent Ong Tee Keat said there is a need for fundamental transformation rather than quick gains.

"We have to make sure we're making inroads - to change the party for the better," he told reporters after filing his nomination papers for the post at Wisma MCA here Monday.

Nominations for the March 28 elections opened at 1pm, over a four-hour period. This will be followed by a 30-minute objection period.

Tee Keat, who filed his papers at about 4.25pm, is in a three-cornered fight that also involved former deputy president Dr Chua Soi Lek and immediate past president Ong Ka Ting.

ong-agm-2Asked if he has a running mate, Tee Keat said: "I'm not an indecisive character. I know what I'm doing."

Limit to clan politics

To a question if clan politics would work against him, Tee Keat, a Hainanese, replied: "In Malaysia, clan politics had always existed - it's a matter to what degree they exist.

"Clan politics for the sake of clan politics - without regard to the betterment of the party and the people - is something that should be avoided."

Tee Keat supports came in orange shirts, with some carrying banners that read, in Chinese:"Don't make Ong Tee Keat pay for PKFZ."

Chua, the first among the three candidates for the president's post to file his nomination at 2.45pm , said he he should be given the chance to lead the arty as the other two already had their chance (Tee Keat served for about 18 months while Ka Ting was president for five years).

'The more, the merrier'

"I have not yet been given the chance to serve - and it is only for one year," he told reporters, referring to the triennial general assembly next year where another round of elections will be held.

On his prospects in the contest, Chua said: "I leave it to the wisdom of the delegates. I am,by nature, an optimist."

Chua arrived with his wife. His supporters were not in any "colours of support"

Ka Ting, who submitted his nomination form at about 4pm, said of the three-cornered fight: "The more the merrier."

ong-chua-ong-mcaHe said the more contenders there are for the various posts, the better it is for the party.

"We should keep expanding," he said, making it his priority should he be elected.

For the deputy presidency, it will be a straight fight between former vice-presidentys Kong Cho Ha anad Liow Tiong Lai.

The colours of support

While Kong's supporters came in red, Liow's supporters wore white and carried banners that read: "Vote Liow to restore integrity."

Supporters of vice-president aspirant Donald Lim came also in white.

At the close of the nomination at 5pm, there were 10 contenders for the four vice-president posts.

A total of 83 candidates have filed their papers for the 25 -seat central committee.

The fresh elections are being held following the en bloc resignation of 22 CC members early this month.

The last party polls were held in October 2008. — Malaysian Mirror

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