Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ng Yen Yen: 'Blog tarnishing my name, family'

Tourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen has denied allegations in a blog that she was involved in corruption.

ng yen yen jean todt 26062009 02She said she would be lodging a police report in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow over he matter so that the person or persons responsible for the blog posting could be brought to book.

"It is an attempt to tarnish my name and family. I will be instructing my lawyers to take the necessary action," she told reporters after attending a briefing on a railway upgrading project, here today.

The posting in the 'New Kid On Blog' had alleged that Ng had used her position as tourism minister to award contracts to promote tourism products to a company owned by a close friend of her son.

Besides this, the article had also stated that she wanted a media campaign that was to be carried out by the company to be expedited so that she could use money obtained through corrupt means to finance her election campaign ahead of MCA's polls on March 28.

The writer had alleged that Ng would have corruptly obtained some RM2
million through the moves.

Ng clarified that the awarding of the contract was still at the discussion stage and had yet to be awarded to any company.

The former MCA vice president also denied that the article was posted by her political enemies who wanted see her toppled in the party polls.

"No. I feel it is not linked to the party. It is to tarnish my name and
family. I leave this matter in the hands of the authorities," she said, adding that she believed that MCA members would not be influenced by such lies spread on the Internet.

- Bernama

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