Monday, March 08, 2010

Pakatan’s RM50m birthday gift for Selangor’s poor

In a bid to woo the state’s poor, Selangor Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim announced last night that RM50 million will be made available for micro-credit loans.

The Pakatan Rakyat leader also said a whopping 10 per cent of the state’s revenue will be given to Selangor’s influential village committees or JKKKs, in an obvious bid to consolidate his government’s position amid rampant attacks by its political rival Umno.

The JKKK is vital for the rival coalitions as it is a platform to strengthen their power bases at the grassroots level as the committees take charge of local communities.

The announcements were made at the state PR’s second anniversary celebration held at the Malawati Indoor Stadium here last night.

“The micro-credit loans under the Umno regime was only RM20 million. We have decided to increase it to RM50 million as part of our promise to make the economy the people’s economy,” he said to loud cheers by some 2,000 supporters.

The funds were obtained through debt collected from Talam Corporation.

Khalid came under fire last November for getting the state to buy up RM392 million in debts which Talam owed to three state companies, all accumulated during his rival, Datuk Seri Dr Khir Toyo’s administration.

As for the generous allocation for the JKKKs, Khalid said the committees are an important aspect of the state’s growth and development.

“These are the things differentiates us from the past governments,” he said in a swipe at his rival, former mentri besar Khir Toyo.

The coalition’s second anniversary celebration was also all about attacking its rivals and boasting of PR’s achievements since it took power in March 2008.

Powerful and influential DAP executive councillor Teresa Kok said Selangor has led other states be it PR-ruled or otherwise in terms of revenue generation.

According to a statement issued by PKR yesterday, Selangor, the richest and most modern state in the country, had recorded a total of RM6.7 billion in investments for 2009 and created 20,753 job opportunities for its people.

PKR vice-president and PR Selangor assembly backbenchers club president Azmin Ali said the achievements of the state is commendable but warned of complacency.

“There is this thing, this species that is always out there to destroy us… but they will not succeed,” said the Gombak MP and Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman.

The acrimonious relation between Azmin and Khalid is no secret but last night, the former gave an open assurance that he and his men are behind the Selangor MB.

courtesy of Malaysian Insider

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