Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Police reports over insulting comments on Puteri leader

The Selangor Puteri Umno lodged a report at the police headquarters in Shah Alam today against a man for allegedly making seditious and insulting comments on its secretary, Haslinda Zerain, who died last week, in the Facebook social website.

Its head Suhaila M Zin, said the man Zulkarnain Ismail who decribed himself as a family consultant and an opposition party supporter, posted the comments on Feb 26 and 28.

She told reporters outside the police station that the comments were malicious and were intended to tarnish the reputation of Haslinda's family who were still grieving for their loss.

Haslinda, 37, died of a heart attack last Wednesday.

She had been the Ampang Umno division Puteri chief since 2001 and lost to PKR candidate, Mohamed Azmin Ali, for the Bukit Antarabangsa state seat in the last general election.

The Ampang Umno division, Ismail Kijo, also lodged a similar report at the Ampang Jaya police headquarters.

He told reporters before lodging the report that the comments were rude and unforgivable.

Meanwhile, the division's acting Puteri chief Salwa Yunus said she received a call from an Umno Puteri representative on Saturday telling her about the comments but when she checked the website today, she found that they had already been erased by the man on Sunday following criticisms from the public.

- Bernama

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