Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rawang villagers ready to fend off TNB

After losing their case at the Federal Court in November last year, Rawang new village residents are preparing to defend their homes against Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB).

The Bernama news agency reported yesterday that the TNB engineering team will enter Rawang new village tomorrow, to restart the construction of high tension cable towers halted for nearly five years.

The towers will divide the village into two.

rawang villager tnb demonstration 030907 posterThe residents have stepped up their guard since last weekend, and they have put up banners along the village periphery in protest of TNB setting up the towers through their village.

Though facing persistent protest, TNB will go ahead.

However PKR Rawang assemblyperson Gan Pai Nei, who supports the residents, is still optimistic, saying that there is still room for negotiation.

Gan said the negotiations between Rawang residents, TNB and also Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Peter Chin Fah Kui, are in progress.

TNB will meet the representatives of the residents today, and Chin also has promised to meet both TNB and the residents.

Gan also disclosed that Selayang MP William Leong is also working hard to set up a meeting between the three parties. She thinks there will be positive developments soon.

Gan also claimed that the TNB project manager has informed her that they are considering some changes in their project, substituting traditional high tension towers with high poles which will pose less health hazards.

NONEBut this change is still pending approval.

However the residents still worry that their homes may be destroyed, so they have prepared for the worst and are ready to put up a last resistance.

Police has warned residents not to bring any children during a possible confrontation tomorrow. And some residents read it as a sign that police will clamp down on their protest in a high-handed fashion.

Tonight, the residents will organise a night watch, to prevent any unexpected infiltration or sabotage.

And they will assemble to start their protest at 7am tomorrow.

TNB had started to build high tension towers through Rawang new village in 2005. But the project met with fierce protest from the residents who brought the case to court.

However the Federal Court ruled in November 2009 that TNB has the right to continue its project.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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