Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Stop the charade, BN leaders tell Anwar

An Umno division chief here has called on Anwar Ibrahim, the advisor of PKR, to refrain from teaching others to practise what he himself could not achieve.

John Ambrose, Umno’s Penampang Division chairman, said the call by Anwar for the people to change the old style of politics based on factions was contrary to what was happening in PKR.

“In the first place, Anwar should not forget that factionalism is the order of the day in Sabah where he has supposedly given Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, a vice president, a big role in the administration of the party in the state,” Ambrose said in a statement.

He said Anwar would not be “harping on the importance” of Jeffrey’s presence at every PKR function if the position of the party were really stable.

Seeing oddity

Ambrose said he found it strange that PKR Sabah is headed by Ahmad Thamrin Jaini while at the same time Jeffrey had been given the authority to oversee the party’s development in Sabah as well as Sarawak.

“Even at this stage, many disgruntled PKR members have been questioning their position as some of them are hardcore followers of Jeffrey, while some are aligned to Ansari Abdullah (former PKR chief in Sabah),” he added.

Another BN official, Chang Shui Kiong, the Youth chief of Sabah Gerakan, also called on Anwar to focus his attention to “put his own house in order first”.

He said the youth wing of Sabah Gerakan disagreed with Anwar’s claim that Gerakan and other Chinese-based BN components in Sabah have failed in defending their own race.

“We know very well that Anwar is trying to distract and split the unity and harmony within the BN so that he could give Pakatan an opportunity to gain some footing and acceptance in Sabah,” Change said in a separate statement.

Attacks branded baseless

He also regretted Anwar’s “betrayal of the spirit of Chinese New Year” through misusing the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) open house celebration last Sunday in Kota Kinabalu by turning it into “a political campaign ground” for self-gain.

“The general public knows very well that Anwar is trying to divert the attention from PR’s internal problems and the failure and “near divorce” in PR’s marriage of convenience.

Chang branded Anwar’s attacks as “baseless and fruitless attempts to badmouth” BN components and a form of cheap publicity to fish for votes from the Chinese community in Sabah.

Lim Kit Siang, DAP’s advisor, who had claimed in his speech at the same PR open house that Sabah still lacks basic infrastructures, also drew criticisms.

Herbert Timbon Lagadan, vice president of Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), asked in his statement, “How is it possible for a hospital to operate a day without a single bed on its premises, what more for 30 years?”

Kit Siang under fire

“Kit Siang’s statement is incredible, if not nonsense. How could Tuaran Hospital have operated for 30 years without a single bed?” asked Lagadan who is also assistant state minister for community services and consumer affairs.

Touching on Kit Siang’s claim that 500 students and 50 teachers had to walk eight kilometres on a dusty road to school everyday, the PBS leader replied: “There are no schools in Kota Belud that is inaccessible by road.”

He added: “Where on earth did he (Kit Siang) get his facts? I hope DAP Sabah chairman Dr Hiew King Cheu is not feeding Kit Siang with wrong information.”

courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

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