Monday, March 08, 2010

Thumbs up for Pakatan-led states

PKR de-facto leader and economic adviser to the Selangor government, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, today gave an upbeat assessment of Pakatan's performance in the states it controlled over the past two years.

“Pakatan will continue to ensure that the policies implemented are based on transparency and responsibility,” he said, adding that the Pakatan-administered states have shown encouraging economic performance when compared with the Barisan-held states.

He pointed out that the Pakatan Rakyat-led Selangor government drew in investments worth RM6.76 billion and created 20,753 job opportunities in 2009.

He said 40.8 percent or RM2.752 billion is from local investments.

Anwar revealed these figures at a joint press conference to showcase Pakatan's performance since taking over the state government after the 2008 general election.

He said Selangor allocated about RM6 million to Sekolah Agama Rakyat to carry out Islamic-based educational activities for 2010.

According to him, Sekolah Agama Rakyat had not received such a large monetary allocation from either the previous state government or individuals before.

Industrial projects approved in Selangor rose to 278, making it the highest in the country.

As for Penang, the state approved 104 industrial projects, the third highest in the country.

The state has also created a 200-acre educational hub with a view to turning Penang into an outstanding educational centre.

The Sekolah Agama Rakyat in Penang received RM97,000 per school, while RM60,000 each was given to Chinese schools, with Tamil schools receiving RM63,000 each, bringing the total amount to RM11.3 billion.

Penang has also been successful in eradicating hardcore poverty in just one year, and went a step further to guarantee each family receives RM500 a month.

Kedah, under the leadership of Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak, recorded a total investment of more than RM839 million from January to September 2009, with local investment totalling RM279.4 and foreign investment RM559.8 million.

In Kelantan, said Anwar, its welfare programmes aimed at helping orphans, the poor, single mothers and the disabled had become an exemplary model for other states to emulate. The state has also successfully managed 20 fully state-aided religious schools to become competitors with other premier schools under the Education Ministry.

Apart from Anwar, PR leaders present at the press conference today were Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, PAS vice-president Datuk Mahfuz Omar, PAS deputy president Salahuddin Ayub, Kota Baru MP Datuk Mohd Zaid Ibrahim, and Selangor excutive councillor Ronnie Liu.

courtesy of FreeMalaysiaToday

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