Saturday, March 20, 2010

Voon gets six-month suspension

DAP State Assemblyman for Batu Lintang Voon Lee Shan has been suspended for a period of six months effective March 17.

If the State elections were called within the six months, Voon, who is in his first term as State Assemblyman, would not be able to contest.

In a press statement from DAP National Headquarters dated Friday, it said the decision was reached unanimously by the disciplinary committee after taking into consideration complaints lodged against Voon for making public statements detrimental to the party's image and his explanations pertaining to the said complaints.

Members of the disciplinary panel included chairman Tan Kok Wai, P Ramasamy, M. Kula, Lim Hock Seng and Lee Kong Hing.

State DAP chairman Richard Wong Ho Lien said DAP Sarawak respects the decision. He said it was unfortunate that the scenario has come to such a stage that led to Voon's suspension.

Wong said it is the duty of every member to abide by party discipline.

He said the fact of the suspension showed that Voon was unable to sustain what was alleged against the party and the leaders. He advised Voon to respect the committee's decision.

Still loves the party

Voon when contacted tried to laugh it off saying that he felt sad that Friday was the DAP’s birthday and no one was celebrating it.

Voon said he would want to have the right to defend himself when his name was being tarnished.

Saying that he still loves the party and have asked his supporters to continue supporting the party, he will still go to speak at ceremahs of other opposition parties.

Voon got himself into a hot spot after the DAP convention in Sibu in December last year where he was ousted from the S tate committee where he held the Treasury post. He was alleged to have planned for the ouster of Wong.

After not being elected to the committee, Voon posted several negative comments on his comrades on Facebook and his blog. He also began an open ‘war’ with party members in the main media accusing them of wanting to finish him off politically.

Voon, a legal practitioner, was a former police Inspector. In the 1999 Parlimentary elections, he was involved in a three-corner fight and lost to Yong Khoon Seng of SUPP by a majority of 8,897 votes. In 2001, he stood and lost again in the State election against Sim Kheng Hui and Dominque Ng.

In 2004 Parliament, he was in a straight fight with Yong Khoon Seng and lost again by 7,731. Finally, in 2006, he beat Chan Seng Khai, SUPP by 3,407 votes.

courtesy of Malaysian Mirror

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