Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yang DiPertuan Agong: Lies, distortion in new media

The Agong has expressed disappointment that freedom of expression in the new media has been abused.

sultan mizan zainal abidin the new agong agung kingOpening the first session of Parliament's third term this morning, Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin noted that “slander, lies and distortion of facts still prevail”in the new media.

“All parties involved must realise that no religion condones such actions. We urge them to cease committing these irresponsible acts,” he said.

He called for “stern action” by the authorities against those involved, although no specific examples of abuse were cited in the royal address,

“Freedom of speech is one of the features of a democratic and mature society. However, freedom of speech is not an excuse for any party to demean others to the extent of inflaming conflict and inciting racial sentiments,” he said.

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tH3m3nTalbLoG said...

i was hoping you would add your own opinion in the matter. you just repeated whats reported in the media. So, What does our King mean? I am so curious to know