Thursday, March 04, 2010

The 'little pharoahs' in PKR

Rebel Bandar Baru-Kulim MP Zulkifli Noordin has accused the PKR leadership of allowing some 'little pharaohs' in the party to carry out a hate agenda against Muslims and Islam.

He alleged these 'little pharoahs' were responsible for rejecting his request for an all-Muslim disciplinary board to hear his case.

The Maverick politician had walked out of the proceedings on Thursday when he saw that the panel had only one Muslim member. There were two Christians and a Hindu panelist.

"I do not dispute the credibility and integrity of the disciplinary board members as they are all well-respected people.

zulkifli-nordin-pharaoh"I also understand that they do not have any authority as the power is in the hands of the party's leadership council, which is controlled by the little pharoahs with their own devious and narrow-minded agenda against Islam.

"These litte pharoahs are impatient to see that I am eventually sacked from the party. They 'll do anything, at all cost, to achieve their evil goal.

"I do not want to humble myself before such a panel," he said in his blog, following his walkout from the board proceedings.

Prepared to face all-Muslim board

Zulkifli had demanded that non-Muslims to sit out on the board as the issue in question concerns the issue of the kalimah (sacred word) of Allah.

He had been hauled before the board because he had taken a different stand from party's official stand on the matter.

"Although I was all prepared to face the questions and defend myself against all accusations, I cannot bow down to and recognise the the non-Muslim panel that was hearing my case.

"So, I made the decision to walk out," he said, adding that ahead of the hearing he had sent three notices (dated Feb 16, Feb 25 and Feb 27) requesting for an all-Muslim panel.

He said on March 1, when he faced the board, he was stunned to see that only one Muslim and again made his request to leave out the non-Muslims in the case.

"I gave them time to consider my request until Thursday. At the same time I also approached the secretary-general's office to review the panel and to appoint only Muslims to hear my case.

"But the little pharoahs who control the PKR have their own devious agenda to shame and humiliate me and my Islamic faith.

Leadership adamant

"I was therefore not surprised that they rejected my request," he said, adding that the leadership was adamant that the panel should comprise two Chirstian activists (Goh Keat Peng and Chew Swee Yoke), a Hindu (T Kumar) and the lone Muslim, Syed Kamarulzaman.

"How can such a panel, the majority of which are non-Muslims, be allowed to try me, a Muslim, over an issue concerning Islamic ideology and doctrines?

"How can I get justice from such a panel? Justice must not just be done but seen to have been done."

anwar-ibrahim-5Zulkifli said he had supported the struggles of PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim in his quest for justice in his sodomy case.

"His pursuit of justice went to the extent of getting external support for his cause. IfAnwar seeks justice, I seek justuce too," added Zulkifli.

He said one of the principles of justice is to be judged by people of the same calibre and standing. "Justice requires one to be judged by one's own peers," he stressed.

"The accusations against me pertains to the issue of kalimah Allah. This concerns the question of aqidah (ideology) syariat ( doctrine) and the ummah (Muslim community).

"My action is nothing more than defending the integrity,position and institution of Islam, which had wrongly been labelled as 'backward'. Furthermore, Muslims are also seen as so weak in their understanding of Islam that they need to be protected," he said.

"I worry that it may give a wrong perception to the people, and especially to the Muyslims, that PKR is insensitive to the dignity of Islam," he said.

Get external panelists

Zulkifli added: "The little pharoahs claim the PKR now has 500,000 members. With such a figure, don't tell me there are no qualfied Muslims to sit in the board?

"If they don't have such people in the party, the PKR can perhaps seek help from ulamas and religious experts from outside the party.

"If they insists on continuing my hearing with such (non-Muslim) panel, it clearly shows the PKR does not respect Islam and Muslims.

"I therefore urge the PKR leadership to disband the board and appoint a new baord of Muslim members. Let is walk our talk.

"Even if they want to sack me, let justice be done and seen to be done first.".—Malaysian Mirror

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