Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Malakun slams Lim Kit Siang over 'Kadazandusun biggest losers' remark

Sabah Kadazandusun Cultural Association (KDCA) deputy president Clarence Bongkos Malakun described a recent statement by DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang that Kadazandusun Murut (KDM) community were the biggest losers under BN in Sabah, as nonsense, baseless and malicious.

He said it was rather amusing for someone who had only stayed for a short duration in Sabah to claim knowledge of the local scenario and thus qualifying himself to comment on local issues which were far from the truth.

Malakun said the BN government in Sabah, under the leadership of Chief Minister Musa Aman, had been performing "excellently", not only on matters concerning physical development but also on matters related to social development, particularly maintaining racial harmony among various ethnics here.

"Indeed the level of tolerance among the various races residing in Sabah has been acknowledged at large, as unique, if not the best," he said here today.

He said a high level of tolerance was brought about by the fact that everyone knew discrimination based on racial background was not an issue in Sabah.

"As a matter of fact, the chief minister himself is half KDM. His mother is a Dusun from the Gunsanad family originating from the Sundang and Sodomon family tree.

"As such, this provides more reasons for the chief minister to be extra concerned with the well-being of KDM," he added.

Malakun said a large number of Kadazandusun in Sabah were holding important positions in the government sector.

"In fact, two KDM are holding very important ministerial posts in the federal government. KDM are also well represented in the state cabinet.

"Out of the 10 ministries under the state government, four permanent secretary posts are held by the KDM community. In terms of scholarship, ever since under Usno, KDM have been among major recipients of state scholarships," he said.

Poverty eradication

Malakun said both the state and federal governments were continuously taking steps to improve the livelihood of the people in Sabah "no matter who they are".

"The Sabah Development Corridor (SDC), is one good example of the government's seriousness in trying to eradicate poverty in Sabah.

"Various programmes are being outlined under the SDC by the government to uplift the living standards of the poor and to bring them out from the poverty cycle," he said.

Citing agropolitan as a good example of poverty eradication programme under the SDC, he said the programme was focusing on areas in Tongod, Pitas, Nabawan, Keningau, Kemabong and Beluran.

"These are areas with KDM majority. Looking at these facts, does Lim really has an issue to raise on the KDM in Sabah?" he asked.

Malakun said it was clear that Lim's statement was made on purpose to divert attention on major political woes currently faced by the opposition.

- Bernama

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