Sunday, March 07, 2010

MCA Crisis : Wong blasts quitters

MCA secretary-general Wong Foon Meng has lashed out at the central committee members who resigned from their posts, saying their timing had upset the party's annual general meeting.

wong-foon-meng"The AGM has been postponed two times last year. If the central committee members wanted to resign, why not do it after the AGM or earlier. Why should it be two days before the AGM?" he said.

He was speaking to reporters during the party's AGM at Wisma MCA here on Sunday.

Quitters acted irresponsibly

"If there are people saying that the AGM is illegal, it is those who resigned who made the AGM illegal," he said.

Wong said the central committee members who quit their positions should have acted responsibly whether the AGM was valid or not.

He pointed out that the Jan 29 central committee meeting which reached a decision to hold the AGM yesterday was attended by some of those who resigned.

He reiterated that Sunday's AGM was valid and everything had been in order.

"The remaining central committee is still functioning and it will take care the party affairs until the new central committee is elected to take over," he said. — Malaysian Mirror

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