Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sabah Umno MP takes Zahrain to task

Kalabakan parliamentarian Abdul Ghafur Salleh, one of the eight MPs said ready to defect to the opposition in the Sept 16 takeover, today slammed PKR-turned-Independent representative Zahrain Hashim for lying in Parliament.

zahrain hashim parliament 180310Zahrain (right) had last week reveal that Abdul Ghafur, an Umno MP from Sabah, was among those who were thinking of switching sides as part of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim campaign to dislodge BN from power two years ago.

Hitting out at the Bayan Baru parliamentarian for what he called is a blatant lie, Abdul Ghafur demanded that Zahrain retract his statement and instead name all those he said were going to jump.

Abdul Ghafur urged Zahrain to reveal all the 30 MPs rumoured to be on Anwar's list of defectors.

He also warned Umno not to take Zahrain into its fold because if the former Penang PKR chief can turn on Anwar, he may one day turn on BN leader Najib Razak too.

[More to follow]

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