Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Move to denounce Utusan at state assembly

The Selangor Pakatan Rakyat will table a special motion to denounce Malay daily Utusan Malaysia and its columnist Awang Selamat in the upcoming state assembly for being "disrespectful" to state rulers.

"We will table this motion when the assembly convenes on April 12 to roundly condemn their actions," said Batu Caves state assemblyperson Amiruddin Shari.

On Sunday, Awang Selamat in his Mingguan Malaysia column, questioned: "Where are the non-Malay NGOs (non-governmental organisations) and rich 'tauke' (business owners) when the Malay rulers are challenged?"

The article entitled 'Perkasa, Ibrahim and (the) position of Malays' praised Malay rights group Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali for being outspoken in defending the sovereignty of the Malay rulers.

However, Amiruddin, in a press conference in Shah Alam today, argued that the article is "disputing" the Sultan of Selangor's decision to be absent from Perkasa's inaugural assembly last week.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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