Wednesday, March 24, 2010

'Tekun funds only for Umno-friendly?'

Mohd Hayati Othman (PAS-Pendang) has expressed worry that funds from the Tekun scheme are being channelled only to those 'friendly' to Umno.

"To get the forms, you have to go to Tekun offices located mainly in Umno buildings. To endorse the forms, you need a BN elected representative," he said.

"To apply you need to submit the form again at the office in Umno premises. I wonder if the Tekun funds are only available to certain groups."

Mohd Hayati raised the matter during the question session in Parliament this morning, in a supplementary question to Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Noh Omar.

noh omar statement in paper parliament pc 301105 ignorantNoh (right) refuted that the funds are available only to Umno-friendly individuals.

"Of the 159,587 who have received Tekun funding, can you prove that there are no PAS members among them?" he asked.

He explained that the offices are located in Umno buildings because of logistical expediency and because no - or low - rent is charged.

The opposition had claimed that federal allocations and aid programmes are being hijacked by Umno and BN as a way to only benefit party stalwarts and to influence grassroots support.

The Tekun financing scheme is a fund to provide micro-finance to small bumiputera entrepreneurs. It is administered by the Yayasan Tekun Nasional, an agency under Noh's ministry.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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