Friday, March 19, 2010

Two more opposition MPs get statements recorded

Two PKR members of Parliament, Lembah Pantai's Nurul Izzah, and Batu's Tian Chua were at the Petaling police station today after they were requested to turn up to have their statements recorded over a dinner five months ago.

The dinner, which was organised by the Hawkers Association of Taman Seri Sentosa in Kuala Lumpur on Oct 31 last year saw intervention by the police. Police personnel led by a senior officer had snatched the microphone from Tian Chua as he was about to give his speech.

tian chua and nurul izzah record police statement 190310 03"This officer did not give a clear reason as to on what basis the dinner was being obstructed although he stated that there was a breach in the conditions of permit," Tian Chua (left) told reporters present at the police station.

He said the act by police was yet more proof of the systematic and sustained harassment of opposition Pakatan Rakyat's MPs and state assemblypersons.

"This clearly shows that Barisan Nasional (BN) doesn't play fair. Instead they are using the police force, the MACC and the court to hinder our roles as MPs and members of the state legislatures," he added.

Both the MPs said they had received a written notice from the authorities to be present today to have their statements recorded. Jack Wong, the organiser of the dinner in question, was also asked to give a statement along with the MPs.

Nurul, meanwhile, said that the police should pay more attention to other more important matters rather than record their statements which was a waste of police resources. "This is another incident discriminating against members of the parliament," she said.

Harassment charge

After giving his statement, Tian Chua told reporters that they were asked for their statements as witnesses.

"It seems one of the conditions of the police permit for the dinner was to not talk about sensitive issues like race and religion [...] but we did not talk about any sensitive matter," he said.

tian chua and nurul izzah record police statement 190310 01Nurul (at right in photo) added that there was attempt to politicise the dinner by certain quarters. "Please don't politicise everything under the sun," she said in referring to the ruling parties.

Over the past one year, the authorities including the police and the MACC have routinely hauled in the opposition's elected representatives for questioning for investigations relating to either sedition, corruption and illegal assembly among others.

Opposition members have charged the government with harassment, saying the such tactics were aimed at preventing them from discharging their duties effectively and curbing their rapport with the people.

The authorities have denied any such motive saying such investigations were necessary to probe for possible offences against national security and that the police were acting independently.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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