Saturday, August 09, 2008


Malaysiakini had reported that there was chaos at a peaceful Bar Council forum this morning to discuss and address the 'conversion to Islam' problem encountered by non-Muslim in Malaysia. Islamic groups had staged a protest outside the forum venue and had only dispersed once this forum had been called-off.
Since we can't blame any party, it would be rightful for the government to initiate a high-level Committee to look into this matter and find an amicable solution which will be favourable to all parties concern.
Having public forums by the respective groups would not address this problem BUT only create chaos due to its sensitiveness.
Time for the government to address and resolve this matter immediately.
news courtesy of Malaysiakini with authors views


artic turban said...

The problem is the govt will talk and nothing happens. this is the nett result of propoganda brainwashing sesions by BTN, where everything and everybody who is not malay is condemned as anti islam or anti malay. what about those who have bodies of dead relatives buried as muslims, what recourse do they have, there was a moronic comment by mahaguru stating this how mush more moronic can you sound, mahaguru said,
'Do Malaysian Muslims go around poking their nose into the Non Muslim Malaysians religious affairs?
We don't!'
wel how do you explain the destruction of places of worhip by muslims, what about grabbing dead bodies. THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST DUMBEST ARGUMENT BY THIS FOOL, HE IS DEAF, BLIND AND PRETTY STUPID TO SPOUT SUCH FILTH, WITHOUT OPENING HIS EYES TO whats happenning around him. EITHER TALK OPENLY AND SOLVE THIS ISSUE OR LET IT SIMMER UNDER THE SURFACE, look at hindraf, who was terlampau than, the hindraf people had enough of the destruction of their temples. who destroyed the temples, never before during the era of hussein oon did this happen, this are the policies of UMNO'S RACIAL OUT-ISLAM-PAS TO GET MALAY VOTES, well let me say this , one day these issues will come back to bite them in the butt.

Nostradamus said...

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Khun Pana said...

Allow me to say my piece.
Islam is very vague , as different muslim interprets their own religion differently to the extend that islam “evolves”.
For us in Malaysia there are several main issues which are neglected , skipped and skirted by the government . Even all the so many sultans kept mum as quiet as a mummy.
I for one praises the Bar and those who took part in the forum.
It means that we have people seriously looking into and finding ways to resolve issues that even the sultans , pm , dpm ,ulamas will run away when they are the one who should solve the mess.
We all do need clear laws instead of having a game of ping-pong ball between islamic court and common law.
The government always washes their hands by saying respect the law and let the court decide.
But the court and judges are all indecisive and pushes cases to islamic court.
Most pressing issue will be snatching and kidnapping of dead copse. It is not a funny issue .
but such funny cases are happening at rampant.
Because we have a funny government trying to be funny.
When the bar sit down and discuss , funny people came to protest .
This means that some of the muslims really cannot be open to discussion . And they will go berserk just like what we get to see on TV news and movies.
But it is okay , we are cool if you all do NOT want to see any of us doing an open forum.
We can do live forum over the internet or blogs.
If we do a close forum, you cant take part.
We want the people to have a say.This is why the bar did the open forum . It is part of transparency.

As for some of the protesters from PR , just like any political party there bound to be funny people who are willing to go berserk. Same story from umno or bn.
In the case of umno, they are worse as some of them are ministers.
It is the right time to say goodbye , adious , sayonara , to Vision 2020.
As we have many people still living on tree’s top.

MagM said...

Transparency and maturity to discuss things in Malaysia is not going to happen until the mentality changes. Unfortunately, it is not something that will happen. Body snatching and things like that should not happen. Do not do unto other what you would not like others to do unto you.

Ghifari X said...

By Davy de Verteuil
Trinidad & Tobago

1. So why the Bar Council idea is not considered malicious and provocative?
2. What dialogue is the Bar Council "you" seeking from a people with a 1400 year custom?
3. Why is the Bandar Kulim MP label a hard liner now?
India like China has more Muslims than Malaysia but that does not denote the influence and founding institutions by way of numbers.
For your information Islam and Muslims are violently kept in check both in China Kashmir and India proper. So have a good look before you attempt to trivialise the Malays guard on their customs and way of life.
However I implore you Malays, it is not proper that you refer to your fellow brothers as pigs- this is an insult also to God and His messengers. We are all part of the human family created by GOD and this goes against the essence of Islamic enlightenment.
Have you not realized the hatred from your respondents in your blog?
What are you telling us that this reactionary behaviour is entirely the Muslims fault also?
I disagree with the name calling yet I refuse to pander to your condescension of innocence as you aim is. Your sarcasms betrays the rational here.
This hatred comes from all quarters and until you all come to appreciate that none of us can move the sun and the moon from where they stand there will always be antagonist.
The Bar Council attempt to diminish indigenous Muslim rights and customs in an all too pretentious dialogue is a betrayal of civility and boarders on a coup.
The March 8 election results and the current political uncertainty was not due to Muslim or Islamic tradition in Malaysia but that failures for accountability unbridled corruption and ineptitude across the board.
There are elements who believe that this is an opportune moment to belt the Muslims and ransom the country of its norms and founding traditions- well sorry....That demo sends a warning otherwise.
And for those of you sighting the US as an example on any issues of democracy freedom and justice - by GOD you don't have to go there - just read....I lived and was educated in the US and Canada; you have no idea of the US except for its Hollywood and media fallacies impressed on the rest of the world.
Judging from your disgusted ill or uninformed or both; points of views I can only ask: are you all happy with the slaughter of over 1million Iraqis and the pretext by which this mass killings were executed? For your information they weren't all Muslims though majority are and the thousands of brown Christians who were considered collateral damage that perished.
I have not read or experience similar out pouring of hatred towards Britain and the US as I am witnessing here both by the host blogger and its contributors.
How dare you site America as an example where it contains the biggest prison population in the world/history and the black brown and chinky eye peoples are often targets of abuse due to inherent unrepentant racist that forms America's reactionary safety valve?
Why is it that in Malaysia the indigenous have to surrender their traditions and customs because it is deemed unfair when at the same time you “Bar Council” wished to invoke your customs and perceived rights as equitable and just? Aren't the Malay Muslims losing their rights then? I am not afraid to say this; The Malays like everyone else are this nation, but they are the earlier ones.
From the desk of an Arawak African & Indian in ‘ONE’ the beautiful Islands in the Caribbean.
Arawak is whom you refer to as American Indian or Red Indian.
Indigenous rights are my business. No apology.

Anonymous said...