Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Parliament springs a leak again (Malaysiakini)

Journalists covering the Parliament beat this morning were greeted by a leaking media room, yet again, after a heavy downpour.

The leaks caused three television sets in the media room to malfunction, resulting in technicians trying to fix the problem - of both the television sets as well as the leaks.

The Parliament - presently on session - has been besieged with leak problems in the recent past, even after expensive remedial works had been done.

The parliament sitting today is however not interrupted by the incident.

Another corrupt practice of awarding contracts by the irresponsible and corrupt Barisan Nasional government to their cronies, who do not care since its the rakyat's money and would have also received kick-backs.

Its time for us to change this 'useless' BN government now before more problem arises.
news courtesy of Malaysiakini with comments