Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Malaysiakini reported today that Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has suggested convening a special meeting with Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) student representatives to discuss their discontentment raised in opening up the university to non-bumiputera students because we want to increase our competency in higher education.

Tan Sri Khalid proposed this special meeting with some State Executive Councillors and the university's student representatives to come up with ideas to further advance the achievements of higher learning.

"We will find time to see the students so that they can explain their grouses and feelings and in turn we can also explain our views". "Our objective is to develop together. I don't see my effort or my suggestion as an insult to the higher learning institution," quoted Tan Sri Khalid.

news courtesy of Malaysiakini while photos courtesy of Agendadaily


suki said...

This show's that our MB is farsighted doesn't matter if does not work out. SYABAS MB SELANGOR.

Malaysia said...

He..Hee..MB Selangor Khalid Singh "PENGKHIANAT BANGSA"..
and also"BADUT SARKAS"..
Like "COW"S Being PULL with Rope of SODOM CITY" by Abg Besar DAP..

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EzRich said...

"...discontentment raised in opening up the university to non-bumiputera students ...."

belum graduate sudah jadi racist ! if like that, better change UiTM to Universiti Teknologi MELAYU !

Malaysia Digest

Cheeky Monkey said...

I'm appalled at the students of UiTM for not being open to the idea. Education is for everyone. Their one-sided view is hurting fellow Malaysians. I bet they would understand better if they were non-bumiputeras themselves! If this is the kind of reception a non-bumiputera is going to get it's no wonder nobody wants to go to the public universities and public university rankings are dropping due to these ignorant and narrow minded students.

eddiekoh said...

It is no womder why UITM produce graduates of no value or should I say "priceless" to the so call bumiputeras.Continue living in the cave as the world progressed and the bumi stays stagnant and this is something smart people hope for ,"less competition" for brighter brains.

wonderwhy said...

Apprantly certain party is trying to politicise the whole issue here as the way I see how our "dear" PM responded to the press.

It is very funny that in this country everything got to do with politic as though that there is nothing else more important to do.

It is also sad that after 51 years of independance, majority is still unable to come out from the very self center "Tempurung".
We are now at 21st century, it is all about competition edge with others in the world please, don't always think of become king in your own "Kampung".

NewChief said...

MB Tan. i salute you for raising this issue which gives rise to morons talking about bla-bla-bla rights including the bodowi we know.

Are they so scare & so in-secure of their position eventhough BN is governing the day led by bodowi? if so, tell tis morons to change government!!

only 10% asking & the whole world collapsed on these morons. better tell them to go do protest slogans that only malays can do business in malaysia because ini hak-hak mereka!! haklon to them all who participate or sing chorus that day!

LeeZ said...

UiTM grads??? Aiyooo no need to comment laaa.... hikss!!!

malayamuda said...

Go to You tube and look for UiTM girls inaction

now u know the background of the 5,000 marchers

max said...

if UiTM students can't take the heat in real world competition, then they should petition that:

a) all students in UiTM should AUTOMATICALLY graduate with distinction

b) a 2 years course should be sufficient

c) the students can print the type of degree (or specialization) in their cert

Cheeky Monkey said...

What I don't understand is why do they feel the need to disallow non-bumiputeras to enter the universities? What are they afraid of? Competition? There might not be any competition even if they just study right. I mean, it's the same as being in public schools.

joe said...

Salam Bro

I do agree with wonderwhy tht
certain party is trying to politicise the whole issue and how the PAK LAH responded to the whole thing.

Boring la ,sikit-sikit demontrasi..isu kecil ..demontrasi..
I think the kerajaan should create a new course in IPT, ITPA, etc...


Bobby said...

Hats off MB Tan Sri Khalid.

All these are by-products of UMMO and formal MB Toyo. You would be surprised some political figures are behind the scene manipulating the mindset of the students.

Poor MB has to deal with all these nonsenses and attacks one after another. Hope he can hang on before DSAI take over the Parliament.

pathfinder said...

Congratulations to all the 5,000 UITM students, you have confirmed to the private sector (mainly Non Malays) that you are all racists. Yes, Confirmed racist. You are telling your non-malays' employers-to-be that their children don't have a place in UITM, YET when you graduate you are going to ask them for a place in their company. If you cannot get a job you can March in the streets but you will end up begging for a JOB. And Of course all 5,000 of you should work in the Civil service and the GLCs. Now it is confirmed the education policy of UITM is centred on racism. Good luck to all of you.

Hamzah said...

Hidup MB Khalid!

Cadangan macam nie lah Melayu boleh maju tapi lupa aje uitm, buat meritokrasi kat Uni Selangor!

penyokong PR said...

10% tempat sahaja dah takut
akan ada persaingan.
macam mana hendak maju
tanpa persaingan drpd kaum /bangsa lain.
macam mana nak tahu di mana
tahap kemajuan tanpa persaingan.
kepada penuntut UITM fikirlah
dengan waras sebagai penuntut
yang ada kecerdikan.
fikir tentang kelebihan yang boleh di kuasai
dengan adanya persaingan.
jangan di peralatkan
oleh parti yang sentiasa nak orang
melayu lemah dan senang di kawal
dan akan bergantung kepada kerajaan
untuk selama lamanya.

a.khair said...

abis tu kenapa sibuk sangat ni. Nak masuk uitm, tapi tak boleh ke? MB buka hak baru la, nak buka 100 peratus pun tak apa. Ni malaysia, bukan rasis, tapi nasionalis kononnya. Nasionalis apa? Nak fikir bangsa pun tak reti! Nostradamus pun tak reti, kata dunia nak kiamat tahun 2000. Tak da pun!

Anonymous said...