Thursday, April 15, 2010


A funny caption to start, isn't it.

The candidate chosen to represent BN is already revealed. MIC's Information chief P Kamalanathan has been chosen instead of party deputy, Datuk G Palanivel.

One thing need to be said. MIC had only nominated Datuk G Palanivel. The UMNO-led BN leaders have selected a different candidate.

Remember, this is an MIC seat as agreed and allocated by BN. So, who should make the decision, MIC or UMNO-led BN?

Can MIC or MCA decide on a UMNO candidate when a UMNO seat becomes available?

It could be justified that Datuk Palanivel is not the favorite although he had served Hulu Selangor for more than a decade.

Are MIC CWC leaders not capable of selecting a suitable candidate. A suitable candidate is usually selected on certain criteria. Are these MIC leaders so dumb in selecting a suitable candidate. A candidate is always chosen so that he could be the winner.

MIC had all this while been claiming that Datuk Palanivel has the capabilities in capturing the seat from the Opposition since he lost it by a mere 198 votes during the last general election in March 2008.

But information obtained from feedbacks from Hulu Selangor reveal that Datuk G Palanivel would be unable to secure a victory since he had not fullfill his promises. MIC would have receive these same feedbacks if the BN coalition leaders are informed.

Just because Datuk Palanivel is the Deputy President does not render him to qualify for selection. MIC elections are based on President's favorites. What the president says goes, has always been the saying. Its time MIC delegates realise the shame they have place MIC in. They have selected a official who is unreliable and not capable. This is another reason why HINDRAF was formed, to create awareness that Indians have been marginalised by the system and MIC is the cause.

MIC's powerful body, CWC selected and forwarded Datuk G Palanivel as their choice candidate after getting feedback.

But surprise to everyone, UMNO-led BN leaders have selected someone else. There were rumours that another favorite Mugilan, a truly local and capable candidate but due to certain legal disputes have been scrapped. MIC even threaten to sack him if UMNO-led BN chose him.

What impression is MIC giving. MIC is suppose to represent and champion the Indian cause. Here, we find the MIC officials are only interested in their own welfare - having power and position. Rumours indicate that Datuk Palanivel would be rewarded as a Senator and given a Deputy Minister or Senate President as a 'buy-off'

Should Malaysian, especially Indians continue to support MIC? MIC has NO POWER. What can MIC do to achieve in uplifting the Indian community?

It seems SO CLEAR that Indians will always be marginalised UNLESS we find a new and capable party to represent the Indians.

Malaysian Indians are seeking for a NEW DAWN.

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