Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who Shall We Try for Treason? Special Branch, Home Minister or Khairy?

Special Branch gives clearance to Israeli nationals, while the Home Minister insists on cover up of MPC's breach of contract, and APCO's involvement was mentioned prior to contract signing on August 2009

By Abd Rahman

Special Branch gives clearance to Israeli nationals 

According to the RPK's expose, the Home Minister mentions that he receives many requests for Israeli nationals to work in the country and states that all Israeli nationals are recruits of Israel's arm forces. The Home Minister however deflects responsibility and insists that requests for Israeli workforce in Malaysia received the support and clearance by PDRM, specifically by the Special Branch.

Is this fiasco proof enough that the Special Branch were negligent, or were there other secret schemes? Should the abhorrent ISA law be invoked on the Head of Special Branch? Much lesser excuses were used against Raja Petra and Teresa Kok, what is the government waiting for?

MPC Breach of contract cover up by Home Minister

Furthermore, according to PDRM, Masterplan Consulting Sdn Bhd (MPC), the contractor chosen for the project, breached its contract by sub-contracting to another company, without the written consent of PDRM. Additionally, MPC made a false declaration in filling in the Official Secrets Act form.  Some of the MPC staff were declared as employees, whereas these staff were in actual fact employees of Twiz Technology Sdn Bhd. Instead of being alarmed by this fact, the Home Minister insisted that to lodge a police report will cause shame and erode PDRM's public image, subsequently opening up the possibility of a special commission to investigate the breach and re-igniting the debate on the formation of the IPCMC.

The Home Minister insists that terminating the 3 contracts with PRS deals a great blow to the BN government and Cabinet by loss of confidence of the rakyat towards the government and PDRM who acted as "protector" due to negligence of PDRM through the involvement of Asiasoft(M) Sdn Bhd in the PRS project which was confirmed by the Special Branch to have relationship and interest with Israel.

Should the Home Minister be tried for treason? Why did the Minister protect this company? Who are the beneficiaries? Is the IGP involved?

When the Home Minister requested that the terms of the contract be scrutinized by the police, Dato Mashuri pointed out that the contract were actually prepared by the Home Ministry.

Is the Minister that stupid? 

Link between APCO and government cemented prior to 2009

The link between APCO and the government seemed to have been cemented prior to the contract signing between APCO Worldwide and the PM department in August 2009; there appears to be some link between the government and APCO back in 2008. During the meeting, the Home Minister claims he received information that PDRM wants to remove Asiasoft(M) Sdn Bhd from the APCO project without elaborating further.

Why is the project called APCO when APCO denied involvement prior to August 2009? Is Najib aware of this? Why is Khairy defending a RM 2 company called APCO Worldwide Sdn Bhd? 

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