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RE: Hulu Selangor- Time to KILL MIC - The Minority Factor

While I agree with some of the statements below, it is obvious the MIC has failed miserably to develop or promote unity amongst the Indian communities. We have more thugs developed than any qualified graduates churning out of the universities.

By Babulal

On the aspect of still fighting off about which race to lead, whether Indian, Malay or Chinese amongst us professionals in this forum (email) further shows our immaturity in still seeing the colour of our skin rather than the merits of the people we elect.

If we wish others to stop practising racial based selections and discriminations, we ought to stop emails as below. This is a simplistic process of “divide and rule”. Adopt or elect based on merits, whether he is Indian, Malay, Chinese, Iban, Kadazan, Sikh, Dusun, etc. If it was me, if they were to have Idris Jala against
Palanivel, I would vote for Idris Jala as I know he is far better than Palanivel because he is not a politician but a mere professional with excellent interpersonal skills and I do not really care what race he is.

We have to look in the mirror to change rather than keep imposing others to change.

When I say I agreed to some statements in the email below, it is about me agreeing that we need check and balance. The best way is to put the Opposition into Putrajaya. I would like to see the Opposition walk the talk. The immaturity of the opposition making blunders has minimised over the months as it is perceived as teething problems, which is common in any new take-overs or ventures. But avoiding the same mistake is what projects one's maturity. MIC has failed miserably in this – there are just too many cases of corrupt practices which were addressed without any detailed explanations or clearance against one Buah Pala issue by the Opposition.

About selection of non-bumis into GLC and so forth, the constitution needs to be amended thus the call for a change in Government. You cannot push a person into the ocean with his hands and legs tied and expect him to swim to shore. It was UMNO-MCA-MIC who have practised this for the last 50 years. It is time to change.

I will vote for any calibre Malaysian representative who can execute the task in hand without sucking the blood of tax payers. The latest scandal is the e-procurement; how easy are the public funds siphoned out??
At least this does not happen in Penang or Kedah or Kelantan. Let’s look at the big picture rather than running the same rat race about racial topics.

When the PM launched that BN can Change, and a few days later one of his Ministers goes around brandishing racial remarks and then apologising - now what nonsense is that? A person speaks his mind and heart when he is emotional – and I believe he was not emotional when he apologised.

The Indians should stop this rat-race about race and come out of it. You want more Indian reps in the parliament to do what, have a say for Indians? I don’t see a purpose if he is pocketing for his personal gains – MIC has proven this and what happened to the rebranding of MIC? I do not see any change at all – MAIKA and TM issues are still fresh in my mind on how shareholders were intimidated with thugs. There are just too many issues which this corrupt organization has squandered from the Indians than any other race or party. In Malay it is said “Musuh Di Dalam Selimut”. Are we saying now, just after 2 years, I would rather sleep with the devil I know rather than with the angel I don’t?

A rep should have a say for all under his constituency. If we say otherwise, we would give precedence that in other constituencies when we have another race, he only takes care of his own race. Come out of the rat-race and move forward economically.

We need to stand as one entity but instead just look at the number of Indian-based parties out there – its mind boggling if compared to the number of Indians in Malaysia. And why is this? Simple yet again – divide and rule. As long as you have this bickering among ourselves, there won’t be any progress. Yet again I say, stop the rat race and elect a Malaysian rep who can speak for all. But to find that person is like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

I do not see Pakatan endorsing a racial “NGO” like Perkasa, nor do I see Pakatan reps making any negative remarks when the present Selangor MB proposed a non-Malay to head a state GLC. The people who were opposing were from the opposition including those higher ups who were supposed to be neutral. I do not see the fairness of labelling HINDRAF as a terrorist group and Perkasa not.

Even though I am not keen in Singapore but I admire their concept – people are appointed to head large GLC or private organizations based on their calibre and performance. Here, only the corrupt excel and the brains leave. And who structured it in such a way? I doubt it was Pakatan.

Talking about the judiciary system – with all those glory years of MIC winning all their seats, have they stopped the judiciary from declining to where they are now? Have they stopped the deaths of many inmates while still in custody? Being a small community, we excel in more political and business assassinations than any other race. We excel in gangsterism and all negative aspects and is this the achievement of MIC that has been continuously representing the Indians in Parliament – a so-called voice of Indian?? I urge to elect a person who can perform – not based on race and skin colour. You stop, the rest will too.

MIC is just good at “proposing” to the cabinet. These are the famous words of the President who have brought only corrupt practices into his organization from day one in office and now taking the heat for it. We will propose to the cabinet, the PM has accepted our proposal, blah, blah, blah ... it is like a broken record, keep repeating the same nonsense. We are fed up mate, just step down and let's open your books on your ill-doings. None of his comrades or peers from other components share the same respect they did.

One thing good came out of Pak Lah’s era was to unearth the true colours of the BN reps. The race based party era should be a by-gone practice. You have to move towards a non-racial aspect of life. You want others to stop, but yet you practice it fiercely.

PM launched the 1Malaysia campaign but still having racial-based parties, is he walking the talk or just “wayang-kulit” until the next election? I feel it is just wayang-kulit. The local dailies are full, whether with his comments or his wife’s face. To tell the truth, I am getting bored of that. Haven’t they learnt anything from March 2008? All those “frogs” who jumped, I would like to reiterate what Mr Karpal said; abstain from Parliament and we see what happens next. MT gives a good account of one of the “frog’s” expenditures.

So I urge BN to walk the talk to stay relevant – move out from being race-based, go with merits, if you are really promoting 1Malaysia. I urge MMSP and all other Indian based parties, don't sell the race all over again. MIC did it, and not you guys too. Only a fool would be blinded from seeing that you are just another puppet of UMNO.

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Subject: RE: Hulu Selangor- Time to KILL MIC - The Minority Factor ( PLEASE READ- VERY IMPORTANT TO EVERY INDIAN )


"The Time is RIPE to KILL OFF the MIC once for all in this Hulu Selangor Elections" ...


Barisan Nasional Leaders have agreed to give MIC one last chance to field an Indian Candidate in Hulu Selangor By Election despite strong demand/protest from Hulu Selangor UMNO Division to field the Malay Candidate. The main reason to give MIC this final opportunity is the fact that the Seat was previously held by MIC and the Indian Community is about 20% significant minority in Hulu Selangor.

In the event, MIC lose this Hulu Selangor By Election, MIC / Indians shall cease to be relevant or significant for Barisan Nasional in any upcoming election and therefore BN shall not be obligated to field MIC/Indian candidate in any seat even though Indians may be the significant minority 15-20% of the voters in the constituency. THIS WOULD BE THE DEATH OF MIC/INDIAN CANDIDATES PROSPECT in Barisan Nasional.

Presently, there already forces in BN including in MIC itself who wants to KILL OFF MIC Candidacy in Hulu Selangor due to power struggle in component party and individual aspirations in MIC itself who wants to replace DS Samy Vellu.

Would it be wise to kill off MIC/Indian BN Candidacy???

To safeguard democratic process it is only proper that there is balance of ruling and oppositions in governance of any country. There is already significant number of Indians Champions in Opposition (Pakatan/Hindraf) who are there to critisize and protest against BN and to check and balance BN governance.

Would it be wise to kill MIC which is the oppositions to Pakatan Government to ensure proper Pakatan Governance in respect of Indians???

Looking back at "Kampung Buah Pala Trajedy"... Did any PAKATAN INDIAN Leaders step forward to voice or protest the grieviances and suffering of the village Indians.
We did not see any champions of oppositon/Indians like "Gopalakrishnan, Kulasegaran, Sivanesan, Sivarasa, Manoharan,Karpal Singh, Gobind Singh, etc come forward to protest the demolitions of the Village. But can we blame these Champions. OF COURSE NOT....cos  they were just toeing the " Anwar- Lim Father-Son Pakatan Party Lines"!!!!

The only HUMAN BEINGS who ever cared that came forward to help these Kg Buah Villagers were JERIT (especially Mr Kris Khaira and his friends), HINDRAF (especially Mr.Naragan, Mr Maran, Hindraf members from Perak), individuals like Mr. Athi Shankara of Malaysiakini, Himanshu Bhatt of Sun, and finaly of course the MIC (Mr T. Mogan - his motives may questionable to some), but nevertheless a opposition voice against Pakatan governance of Indian community.

Shd We lose the ONLY Indian Voice in BN??? which is the opposition to Pakatan State Government??? Presently MIC may not be the Ideal or Effective Voice for Indians.. but nevertheless it is still a Voice in BN though struggling in BN!!

It obvious that DS Anwar/Lim Guan Eng are systematicaly sidelining the "Indian Factor Votes" after Tsunami 0308 using the diabolic ideology of "Meritocracy" or "Pluralism of Economic/Politics (ie. not race based, not race criteria)" Eg
1. Coerced/Reluctant appointment of Mr Ramasamy as Penang DCM after substantial pressure from Hindraf upon HINDRAF SMS campaign
2. Refusal of Hindraf recommended candidacy in Bukit Selambau
3. Refusal to see Hindraf leaders during the Kg Buah Pala Trajedy

These moves are Master strokes of GREAT POLITICIANs like DS Anwar n Lim Father-Son Dynasty who want to kill off the Hindraf/Indian Votes Factor and to AVOID  streghtening indian leaders like Mr Uthaya Kumar and Mr Waythamoorthy who are seen as threat to their DICTATORSHIP LEADERSHIP!!!!

Does  Pakatan DS Anwar - Lim Kit Siang truly pratices " Meritocracy".
why shdnt an Indian or  Malay be the Penang CM??, Would Lim Guan Eng give up his CM position to an Indian???
Why shdnt an Indian or Chinese  be the Selangor PKNS Chairman??
Why shdnt an Indian or Malay be the Penang Invest Chairman??
Why shdnt an Indian or Malay be the Penang PDC Chairman??
Why shdnt an Indian lead any of Selangor Government GLCs??

It is obvious that the DIABOLICAL MERITOCRACY - PLURALISM BY PAKATAN only applies when they wish to sideline the Indians!!!!!!!!!!!!
The PKR and PAS shall protect Malay Community Interest in Pakatan!!!
The DAP shall protect Chinese Community Interest in Pakatan!!!!
Who is protecting Indian Community Interest in Pakatan??? It was very obvious in Kg Buah Pala Trajedy!!!!

Now here in Hulu Selangor Pakatan-DS Anwar & Lim Father-Son Dynasty are NOT considering any Indian Candidate because they do not need a Indian to win a seat where Indians are significant minority. 
Pakatan, DS Anwar- Lim Dynasty will NEVER name any HINDRAF supported candidacy in Hulu Selangor because it will only further strengthen Indians and Hindraf Leadership and Indian Vote Factor.
But the Pakatan DS Anwar-Lim Father Son Dynasty will not expose the diabolical truth but instead will issue statements that the seat was presently held by Malay Candidate, therefore it is only proper that it is given back to malay candidate...!!! What happen to meritocracy & pluralism..aint that decision is based on race??

BUT WE AS INDIANS.....................

Shd We Kill Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) in Barisan Nasional ??? The only Indian opposition party to Pakatan??
Shd We agree with Pakatan DS ANWAR-LIM DYNASTY that PAKATAN dont need a Indian MP to represent the Minority Indians in Parliament and the PKR/DAP/PAS - Chinese/Malays will protect Indians??

Wanting Indian MP is not being racist BUT IT IS NEED to have some representation of the minorities in Parliament!!
HULU SELANGOR is definitely is ONE OF FEW CONSTITUENCY that have significant Indian minorities.

There are not many constituencies that have Indians as significant minorities... and it will be devasting consequences to Indians to lose these few seats where it is possible to have Malaysian Indian MPs!!!


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