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My Response to Raja Petra’s GREAT Hindraf debate! - IraiPuttiran

The following is my response to two desperate articles written by Raja Petra Kamarudinn titled” I am also an Orang Asli” and the Great Hindraf Debate” and published in his website. I am responding in the HRP’s website as I want for RPK to come to this website and read it and respond on this website. He likes to always talk to his gallery.The statements in red are clipped out from his article.

1. My grandmother on my father’s side is Tengku Badariah binti al-Marhum Sultan Ala’ eddin Suleiman Shah…

- So what? Who cares? Six paragraphs of nothing but self glorification like that.

2. A combination of Orang Asli, Bugis and Welsh blood is a very potent combination indeed.

- So are many other combinations! What have you achieved with your so called ‘potent combination’ other than harping on your blog, hell-bent on promoting yourself ?

3. The Indians are too conscious of the fact that they are Indians

- more than you of who you are? Six paragraphs of who you are and how proud you are of what and who you are. Who can be more conscious than that? And yeah, and I also see the connection between your interest in Indians and your name!

4. They want to be accorded equal treatment but refuse to also treat others as equals.

- I can also say the same about you and the likes of you in PR. What is it that makes you think your statement is any truer than mine?

5. They keep talking about Indian this and Indian that, never Malaysian this or Malaysian that.

- Such a sweeping statement with no substance…! …never…? You, Raja Petra, are the one who keep talking about Indians this and Indians that

6. I am actually quite tired of the antics of these Indian racists

- So am I of you, your PR comrades and cyber troopers! We are soooooooo tired of your antics trying to distort the truth and pollute the minds of Malaysians about Hindraf’s earnest struggle!

7. Which is the real Hindraf? There are five different Hindrafs. Will the real Hindraf please stand up!

- Pathetic! Absolutely pathetic! Because – the PR cyber troopers seem to know who is or are the real Hindraf leader(s) as they very fondly use the Ponnusamy brothers’ names when lambasting Hindraf. Why don’t you ask your shallow demagogue de facto leader, Anwar Ibrahim, to show you his version of Hindraf leaders, as they are already on his side! So, if Anwar is correct, all these lambasting about Hindraf is aimed at those two who are masquerading with him? How strange!

8. Yes, in England Hindraf would be declared a racist organisation and their leaders would be dragged to court. Maybe I will file legal action against Hindraf in a British court just to prove my point. Hmm… I think I will contact my lawyer tomorrow and see if he can file legal action against Hindraf in a British court. That would teach them not to be too racist.

- Yes baby, bring it on…please do! We will battle it. We will see who teaches who a lesson! We will see who knows the English law better, you or the Ponnusamy brothers! May I remind you my worthy opponent, that it is precisely in England, that Waytha Moorthy gave a briefing in the House of Lords on the plight of Malaysian ethnic Indian community, on 8th December 2008 and again, in the House of Commons, on the 10th March 2010, together with the Cigma activists from Sabah and Sarawak and even organised a meeting of British MPs for Anwar. And England has given him political asylum and he is travelling on a UN passport! Do you know what that means? Are you smarter than the English lawmakers or the UN officials? Who are you trying to fool Raja Petra? Please keep this utter crap within your circle of people who deify you!

9. I would love to get involved in Hindraf

- Why the intensity to want to get involved in Hindraf if it is doomed to fail and it is racist and has no grass root support, blah…blah…blah….! Besides, there are many NGOs and other Indian and non-Indian political parties which are very multiracial and you can readily join and render your social service duly! But, why particularly Hindraf? In fact, which Hindraf would you like to join?

10. The Hulu Selangor by-election on 25 April 2010 will be a good test of Hindraf’s sincerity.

- Who are you to test Hindraf’s sincerity? And sincerity for what? Hindraf has their interpretation of sincerity too! And I have seen true sincerity in PR’s sincerity , a sincerity based on broken promises and deceiving perceptions.

11. And I will send a message to Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, in the event he is chosen as the Hulu Selangor candidate, also support Hindraf’s cause.

- Truly fascinating! In the first place, why does Zaid Ibrahim need you to tell him whose and what cause to support? And next, why do you have to wait for Hulu Selangor by-election to tell PR lawmakers to support
Hindraf’s cause? Why should Hindraf believe anything you say, so close to the crucial by-election? Hello, who are you trying to fool here? In the 12th General Election, there were so many promises made, including saving Kampung Buah Pala! So, the Indians supported PR and voted for PR! But, they watched in vain and bled in pain the way PR dispensed their services to the Indians as opposed to the Chinese and Malays ! Hindraf’s conclusion is made very clear by the its leaders and you can check Human Rights Party Malaysia website for further details! PR has lost Hindraf’s trust! They were given the golden opportunity to do justice to all Malaysians, including Indians! But, unfortunately, PR screwed it up gravely! In 2008, all Malaysians, including the Indians, Malays and Chinesewoke up from the long slumber for good! PR failed to realise it! PR still thinks that they can have a free ride on the Indian votes, forever!

My conclusion

It is PR that needs to wake up, and not Hindraf! Instead of wasting time trying to play games to win the Indian votes, you should go and talk to the supremo leader. Ask him why he wasn’t there in Kampung Buah Pala, why the Hindu cemeteries were desecrated with such impunity in PR states, why nine Chinese schools in Perak were allocated 2,500 acres of land and not Tamil schools (except one Bagan Jermal of 0.9 ha), why 349 planned villages and 134 new villages with 110,000 and 102,000 titles respectively are to be given out irrespective of the National Land Council’s order, involving almost all Malay and Chinese owners and land recipients excluding Indians, why freehold titles were given for just RM63 to 110,000 planned villages (almost 99% Malay) and 102,000 (estimated to almost 99% Chinese) Chinese new villagers in Perak, but not to Indians in Buah Pala or any other Indian settlement, why DAP made such a big fuss over a pig abattoir in Kedah but not Buah Pala, why was there a Teoh Beng Hock Trust Fund and “Justice for Teoh Beng Hock” on DAP website and not for the so many other Indians killed by the Malaysian police, why was there a Ceramah Perdana at Tapak Pesta for the Malays but none for the Indians over the Buah Pala Issue?
……why ..why?

We know why! This is RACISM! And you have the audacity to call Hindraf a racist party! Hindraf has always remained true to its cause of struggle from the day Hindraf was born until now! PR supported Hindraf before the 2008 Tsunami and rode to victory on substantial Indian votes, then stopped supporting Hindraf when it refuses to continue its support to PR! It is PR that has changed, not Hindraf!

Thank you.


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