Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hulu Selangor MIC branches issue 'final' ultimatum

Several Hulu Selangor MIC local leaders have issued an ultimatum to the BN leadership to field deputy president G Palanivel or they will shut down the party's branches in the constituency.

The ultimatum was delivered just 24 hours ahead of the planned announcement of the candidate by BN deputy chairperson Muhyiddin Yassin.

About half of the branch chiefs, representing some 30 of the 72 branches in Hulu Selangor, went to the MIC division headquarters in Kuala Kubu Bharu this afternoon to express concern that Palanivel could be snubbed by top BN leaders.

According to them, if Palanivel is not chosen as the BN candidate, it would be a blatant show of disrespect to MIC and its leadership.

"We will not go out to vote if it is not Palanivel," said grassroots leader K Alloo Pillai, suggesting that BN could be facing a boycott.

'He's the chosen one'

Hulu Selangor MIC information chief Raily Muniandy has threatened that all the party branches in the constituency will be closed.

hulu selangor 020410 hulu selangor mic information chief s 
muniandy alias raily muniandy"We fully support Palanivel because he has the calibre, a clean hand, and has been a resident here for almost 18 years," said Raily (left).

He explained that Palanivel, who hails from Penang, does not have to be born in the constituency to qualify as a local.

"He knows who is Ah Kow, Ahmad and Ramasamy here because for 18 years he has been here," he said, stressing that Palanivel is the most suitable person.

Asked if they would support any other MIC candidate, Raily said: "The MIC central working committee has decided Palanivel as the candidate for Hulu Selangor and that's final."

"If any other candidate stands here, he will not get full support from MIC in Hulu Selangor. We will not back an alternative candidate.”

Resignation threats

Hulu Selangor MIC Wanita chief Letchimi Verasingam echoed similar sentiments.

"I will resign from my post... I only support Palanivel," she said.

Meanwhile, Hulu Selangor division secretary R Sittambaram said he is mystified by the sudden change in BN's plan.

"He (Palanivel) is the BN chair(person) here, why the sudden change of mind? MIC's decision for Palanivel as the candidate is final and he is the best candidate," he said.

"The Indians here want him because Palanivel has helped them a lot. He has helped improve their socio-economic well-being, he has improved the schools, he has given them temples."

The MIC leaders also argued that the party had never questioned Umno on its choice of candidates or who should be appointed the prime minister.

"Why do they question our choice now?" asked a branch leader.

Asked if they would oppose Mugilan if he is picked as the candidate, Raily said: "Even Mugilan said he will resign his posts in MIC if it is not Palanivel. If Palanivel is not qualified, Mugilan is definitely not qualified.”

BN deputy chief Muhyiddin Yassin, tasked with making the announcement of the BN candidate, has rubbished claims that he is in favour of fielding MIC Youth deputy chief V Mugilan.

courtesy of Malaysiakini

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