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Arrogant Barisan lost Selangor

Selangor fell to the Pakatan Rakyat not because the opposition alliance was strong at the last general elections but because the ruling Barisan Nasional was hit by internal problems.

Former MCA vice-president Yap Pian Hon, who made this observation, said factors that led to the Barisan's downfall include the irregular field visits by the leaders to meet the constituents, their uncaring and unfriendly attitude towards the people and their blatant show of arrogance.

He added that the government's message had not reached the grassroots and were not given adequate explainations to counter the poor public perception of Barisan policies.

Addressing the Selangor Barisan Nasional Convention here on Thursday, Yap said he was confident, however, that the leaders at the grassroot level - who are closest to the ordinary people - can help the Barisan to take back the state government at the next general election.

Pakatan legally non-existence

In the March 2008 general elections, Selangor, along with Penang, Perak and Kedah, slipped through the Barisan's grasp when the political tsunami swept the tide in favour of the DAP-PAS-PKR opposition pact.

At the same time, the Barisan also failed to win back the Kelantan state government from PAS.

The three parties later formally sealed their pact by naming their collaboration 'Pakatan Rakyat.'

They have submitted an application to the Registrar of Societies to endorse the name.

The Perak government has since returned to the Barisan government through a royal intervention by Sultan Azlan Shah and the decision of the court, following the defection of  two state assemblymen from PKR and another from the DAP.
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Refusing to recognise the alliance as Pakatan Rakyat, Yap said  the name is legally non-existence and the administration in Selangor is just a three-party coalition government.

He said the DAP-PAS-PKR collaboration over the past two years had been plagued by numerous political issues and problems faced by the people.

"The political climate and the state administration continue to be questioned by the people," he said, adding that the three allies in Pakatan are 'sleeping on the same pillow but having different dreams.'

Like oil and water

"It is a big problem for them to determine government policies and to form a united administration, leading to statements and speeches that are contradictory," said Yap, giving the example of PAS and the DAP which he said  cannot blend together like oil and water.

Yap, attending the convention as a guest speaker, said the defection of several Pakatan legislators (MPs and state representatives) showed that something is amiss and that the leaders from that side are beginning to lose their appeal and influence.

"Nevertheless, the Barisan needs to have a concrete political strategy to challenge the tripartite truce and we should also not bother about making petty responses to their policies if we realy want to regain the the political power and our ground in Selangor," said the former Serdang MP.

Just do it

Yap suggests that the Barisan agenda in Selangor should focus on strengthening intergrity by discarding the previously arrogant stance by showing that Barisan has changed and willing to transform into a more people-friendly party.

"Barisan must  win the hearts and minds of the people. Don’t just say you want to win it, you must do what is necessary.

"We should work together with one vision, one voice and one Malaysia in mind. We must  learn to understand the people’s feelings.

"Together we can win back the Selangor state and we can achieve it during next general election," he said.
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