Thursday, April 08, 2010

IGP Musa: Computer firm barred from Bukit Aman

Inspector-general of police Musa Hassan has urged politicians not to politicise national security issues to draw the people's interest.

He said national security issues should not be politicised to gain support as they were sensitive and could threaten the country's peace.

"Politicians should be able to differentiate what can and can't be said when it comes to national security.

NONE"They had been reminded of this several times and should have known it by now."

Musa was commenting an allegation by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim that Israeli agents had infiltrated federal police headquarters in Bukit Aman.

Anwar told Parliament on Tuesday that he had documents to prove that Israeli agents had access to the country's strategic informaton via a computer company.

The Singapore registered company was a sub-contractor involved in upgrading PDRM'S information communication technology (ICT) system.

The police chief said the allegation had been investigated and that the computer company had been barred from entering Bukit Aman.

"We investigated it long ago and conducted another investigation after it was exposed in Parliament," he added.

An old issue

It is understood that police conducted an investigation after freelance reporter Johari Ismail lodged a police report on the matter on July 14, 2008.

Meanwhile, Johari told a press conference today that Anwar raised the issue to draw the people's interest and to politicise national security.

"This is a question of national security and should not be politicised as it can affect the peace.

"He (Anwar) was willing to use an old issue for personal gain without thinking about its effect on the country."

Johari said the issue was posted on the MalaysiaToday blog of Raja Petra Kamaruddin in 2008 but it did not catch public interest.

- Bernama

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