Wednesday, April 07, 2010


The Hulu Selangor parliamentary by-elections is about to kick-off with nominations fixed on April 17 while polling day is on April 25.

The BN dilemma is the selection of candidate who could give them a victory at this by-election. BN component partners especially UMNO are also unhappy with the MIC choice of candidate.

Just claiming that it belongs to one component party no longer renders justification. MIC candidates are not capable of winning this election, and MIC need to realise and accept this fact. MIC does not have capable leaders to contest this election although MIC had in previous years won this seat. The reason for their victory is that its a BN seat and most voters have been voting for BN. But this situation has changed, with more younger voters 'unhappy' with BN's administration of the country.

Even Indian voters, most of them would not vote for them since MIC had always neglected their demands and plight.

UMNO leaders and members in Hulu Selangor want to see the 'return' of former MB, Tan Sri Muhd Muhd Taib as their candidate. Tan Sri Muhd, being a local, could make a difference but BN need to realise that this candidate has a 'ugly' past which the Opposition would capitalise on. UMNO's best bet would be to place a 'clean' candidate who is also local.

MIC's best triumph card would be to 'trade-in' this Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat for greater allocations for Indians in the Malaysian society. Maybe trying to get 'bumiputra' status similarly like the Portugese settlement in Malaysia. Being a minority this could be the best 'offer' the MIC could make.

If MIC is successful in achieving this goal of making Malaysian Indians a bumiputra class with the new NEM, MIC would once again regain the confidence and trust of Malaysian Indians and could not be shaken by anyone.

Do you think MIC will do it?

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