Friday, April 09, 2010

Selangor BN convention a failure by Mohd Kamal Abdullah

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Kapar MCA stages walkout at BN confab.

The Selangor Barisan Nasional convention held yesterday seems to be a total failure with the Kapar MCA division 'walking-out' in protest for being the disrespect shown to their non-Umno coalition partners.

Having been a BN event, Umno at the opening had its Umno song played after the BN song.

Only Umno officials were seated on the grandstand while many top officials from the BN coalition partners, who were present, where made to sit with the crowd.

It was further reported that Umno told those attending that non-Malays must be grateful to the Malays for giving them citizenship.

It is now 53 years after independence and those born after Aug 31 1957 are citizens automatically and the above claim does not carry any more weight.

Umnoputeras need to realise that the Malaysians on the whole have been very patient and accommodative of them by allowing them certain special privileges.

Although the NEP was meant for the bumiputera, it seems that most of the benefits were given to the Umnoputera while the really needy Malays were completely neglected. That is the reason why the NEP has failed its objectives.

The Umnoputeras need to realise that all the Malays have a 'special position' and not them alone.

It is time the Umnoputeras realise that Malaysians including the bumiputera are no longer 'stupid' to believe all their made-up lies.

as appeared in Malaysiakini

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